10 Effective Ways To Generate Traffic To Your Website

Drive Traffic to Website

Your website, your very own website determines the amount of money you mint. And when your entire business functions online, your world and your revenue revolves around your website. The revenue you generate doesn’t come in so easily. The amount of traffic your website generates determines how much you would be making. So, it would be apt to say that your website should be “the crowd-puller” if you wish to carve a place for yourself amongst the top-ranking websites.

Your website does not attract users on its own and if it does, you wouldn’t be receiving the kind of traffic that matches your expectations. And this traffic is what is the lifeline of your entire online business. You can’t always go by the book, so here are some really great tips that would help you generate twice the traffic that earlier found its way to your website.

Advertise with great gusto: Advertising is a traditional mode of promoting your brand but here we aren’t talking about the physical form of advertisements, we are talking in terms of paid searches, digital media marketing, social media marketing, etc. If your business is online, all these are essential to help your business thrive online. Driving traffic to your site is not a child’s play and it would be in your favor not to treat it in that manner. Promote your brand with great vigor but again, do not go overboard.

Content is the King: The content you put up on your website is what brings people to your website. Your content should be eye-catching and pleasing to the senses. People don’t appreciate gibberish when they are ardently searching for something. So make sure the content on your website is relevant to your business, is interactive and can sustain the customer’s interest throughout the entire process. Also, plagiarism is a big ‘NO’. Nobody would trust your services if they witness a serious case of copy-pasting. So, be creative, make your own content and do not copy from other sources. That would question your credibility and just so you know, Google penalises websites which are involved in plagiarist activities.

The Key is Keywords: Your content on the website should have enough keywords that would help you draw the required traffic to your site. All you have to do is research keywords that are relevant to your business and also, while at it you have to look up the keywords that people often use in search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. Optimizing your content with keywords is a must-factor which would definitely enable you to drive more traffic to your website. But, here’s the catch, do not stuff your content with keywords. Use it only where it is necessary because if you keep clustering your content with keywords, there are chances that your readers would be less than interested to read it.

Long-tail Keywords are an add-on: Smaller keywords increase your traffic, whereas long-tail keywords increase your chances of conversions as well. If your intention is to bring in traffic and also get more conversions, make sure you include long-tail keywords into your content. These kind of keywords are more specific and more closer to a person’s buying intention. The person using the long-tail keyword knows exactly what he is looking for and if these keywords are included in your content, you would be that very person who would be selling his product to that customer.

Start Blogging: A blog is the perfect platform where you can interact with your customers/readers. All your interesting content needs to be seen and read by your customers and potential customers as well. You can write about your product, your offers, your way of working and be creative while you are at it. Before making a purchase, people tend to delve deep into your site and your blog would be the right door for them to enter your world.

Go Social: Almost every single person on the face of the earth is on one or the other social media platform. You can easily connect with a large and I mean really large audience on social media. It’s the most-accessible platform to generate traffic to your site. Facebook and Twitter being the major ones. If you do it in the right manner, your popularity can easily surpass what you had actually dreamt of. So plan your path accordingly and don’t be afraid to tread on new boundaries.

Say yes to Email Marketing: You need to go beyond your usual methods and connect to customers. It would be apt to say that you need to go to their doorstep and knock on their door and invite yourself in. That’s what happens in email marketing. You find your way into the customer’s mailbox and keep reminding them about yourself and what great products you have to offer them. Keep your customers in loop with all your latest renderings by sending them newsletters, offer emails, etc.

Add a bit of tradition to your concoction: While you are aggressively promoting your brand online, it wouldn’t hurt to add a bit of traditional marketing tools to your marketing toolkit. Pamphlets are still effective and joining a local business forums can help you network and bring more people onboard. Local networking is also conducive to bringing in more traffic to your website.

List yourself on Search Engines: Search Engines cannot look for your if you have just recently ventured into the online business world. For this, you have to list your business on these search engines, one at a time. So it would be easier for search engines to track you down and your customers would find it easier to look you up.

Analyse your traffic: You need to know how much you have progressed and how much traffic has been generated till now. For this purpose, you need to set up analytics on your website, so that you can track from where your traffic is being generated, which page the customers land on, where they keep pondering and from which page they leave. You would understand which kind of content attracts your customers and what improvements can be made to bring in more flow of customers to your site.

It won’t be wrong to say that your website is your money-minting factory. The more the traffic, more the revenue. These tips would definitely help you drive more traffic but only if these are done the way it should be done. There is no foolproof way of generating traffic but these are what would help you tread unknown paths with a proper guidance.
So, you would definitely get a green signal with these tips which would allow a free flow of web traffic into your site!

Nitesh Shah
Nitesh serves as the Sr. Technology and Systems Head at QualiSpace with an extensive knowledge of technology. He oversees the infrastructure of technical operations, keeps track of the entire technology as well as the IT team to achieve targets. As a technical head, he is also responsible for eliminating security risks, enhancing user experience and maintaining operations and systems. Connect Nitesh on LinkedIn