Chapter 1- The making of the Perfect Customer Support Specialist

Call Etiquettes
Every organisation functions according to some norms that are constructed throughout the years and these are the norms that guide every employee’s code of work. When you wish to create an army of loyal customers, you need to win their trust and this is not everyone’s cup of tea. There are certain decorums that one needs to follow in order to become the perfect professional. Those who come in direct contact with the clients are the ones who need to sharpen their communication skills and make a believer out of prospective clients.

Here, Client Support Specialists are the contact medium for clients. As a result of which they are called the substance of our organisation.
Every positive connection that the client has with the organisation guarantees unwavering loyalty from the client’s end. Such positive interaction with the highly efficient Client Support Specialists would result in the client’s lifetime association with the organisation. Instead of giving the Specialists an instinctive and easy-to-use call focus programming,training them for interacting with the client with great precision and professionalism is more crucial.

These are the 10 commandments which every Customer Support Specialists and Administrators must follow while dealing with their clients-

1. Be Polite
The customers are to be treated with utmost dignity. Ask for their names and make sure you use it frequently so that you are on a comfortable plane with them. Smile when you talk, this would enable the customer to shed their inhibitions and interact with you freely. Listen! This is the golden rule when dealing with your clients. Always let them speak and do not interrupt. Be helpful and be the right guide to your client.

2. Be Proficient
Specialists are required to maintain a certain level of professionalism throughout the interaction. They are the core of the organisation and thus would be representing it in front of the clients. So, it is essential for them to adhere to quality norms and conduct the discussion as per these norms and thereby adhere to the objectives of their organisation.

3. Be Respectful
All clients should be approached with deference. Throughout the interaction, the Operators should avoid panicking, and act objectively. The client’s needs should be the top-most priority and they should be made to feel so as well. Acknowledge the customer’s grievances and act accordingly, assure them that the issue is getting all the attention it requires.

4. Be Honest
Specialists should be straightforward with their clients and with themselves. Operators should not lie, figure or make up an answer. In the event that the client’s issue is beyond their capacity, the operator is expected to cordially clarify that they will exchange the client to a colleague who can give the issue the required closure.

5. Be Reliable
Trust is the key factor in all business dealings and your job is to sustain it throughout the interaction with the client. Building such relations would not only appease the client but also promote your brand. It is a must for the employees to have their business ethics and morals right where they should be. You cannot trust those whose moral compass keeps wavering. Maintain the dignity of your profession and promote trust. So, in order to check the quality of your staff, make sure you grade them on the basis of these qualities.

6. Be Confident
Be certain in all your interactions. Confidence in oneself is contagious as the person you are dealing with becomes confident about you and has faith in you. A well-versed staff, armed with all the knowledge required to manage interaction with the client is a valuable asset. Having such employees on board would definitely benefit the organisation.

7. Be competent
Specialists must exhibit a specific level of ability to satisfactorily address the client’s needs. At the point when the client’s requests are beyond their ability to cope with ,they should allude them to somebody with more experience who can successfully handle their issue or concern.

8. Be interested
Operators must display certain enthusiasm for the client’s inquiry or concerns. This will make the procedure more pleasant for both the Specialist and the guest. Call focus work can be exceptionally tedious. Operators are expected to deal with each client with great enthusiasm and make the outcome fruitful.

9. Be unbiased
Specialists should not bring in their own predispositions into the discussions. They do not have the liberty to be biased. You are required to listen to the client and address their grievances without being partial. This would increase your efficiency in approaching the issue.

10. Be adaptable
You have to learn to be adaptable. No issue would be the same. You have to adapt yourself to the given scenario and resolve it in its own unique way. The data keeps changing and it is your job to educate the customer about the new trends or the changes that have taken place and as to why this change was essential.

Providing quality support to every customer that knocks at their door has to be the motto of the Customer Support Team. When every employee follows the decorum, adheres to the duties with dedication, this in turn would benefit their organisation. This would ensure a lifelong customer loyalty and would profit the organisation immensely.

Abiwaqas Ansari
Abi Waqas is the backbone of technical support as well as system team at QualiSpace. His role is to handle all the crucial escalations, track consumer queries ensuring complete user satisfaction. He is also responsible for maintaining and monitoring the technical stacks. Abi Waqas is a passionate technical wizard and loves to explore everything technology. Connect Abi Waqas on LinkedIn