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Don’t Just Register A Domain, Host it!

When starting a new business, taking it online is probably a good idea since the internet can be beneficial to the business. With the help of the internet, you can push the boundaries beyond the city or the town and can reach every potential customer. Thus, e-commerce is the new trend among businesses. Any Internet journey for either a¬†personal or a business website starts with finding the right domain. You can look up for your favourite domain on QualiSpace.com.¬†Once you’ve found the right domain, you can register it for the number of years you’d want it to. Read More

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Server downtime is the most dreaded situation

It takes months to find a customer and only seconds to lose one.

Imagine a scenario where a customer tries to log into your website and he is unable to do so? Then there are many others who face the same issue. If you run a small business with a handful of individuals, you might not even be aware of this issue until someone calls you up. This situation is known as a server downtime and is one of the most dreaded crises, especially for e-commerce business owners. A minute of downtime can lead to a copious amount of losses to the company. Online businesses, therefore, invest huge on time, money, and effort to ensure their website is live and operating round-the-clock. Read More

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