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Here’s Why The New Domain Extensions Are Such A Rage!

Here’s Why The New Domain Extensions Are Such A Rage!

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Every Online Business needs an identity which is unique to itself and this identity is called your Domain Name. If you own a shopping website, www.shoptillyoudrop.com – this would be your Domain Name. So, this is the most basic thing you need to know. You can now state that you know what a Domain Name is. Ever heard people talking about Domain Extensions? Or to complicate it further, some really complicated abbreviations such TLDs, or maybe gTLDs? Sounds complicated and you feel ignorant when people talk about these things and you can’t be a part of the conversation as you aren’t so well-versed with these terms.

We are more than happy to break it to you that, Domain Extensions are nothing but the word to the right of the dot in your Domain Name. For example, in www.shoptillyoudrop.com, the word .com is your Domain Extension. These Domain Extensions are also called Top-Level Domains (TLDs).

Top-Level Domain refers to the word that comes after the dot to the right of your Domain Name. The most commonly used TLDs that you can come across are .com, .net, .in,.co etc. each of these TLDs indicate what the website actually deals with. For example, .com stands for the word Commercial. Commercial Websites mostly opt for this TLD as it serves their purpose of being known as a Commercial Entity. An extension to these TLDs are ccTLDS. More confusing, eh? ccTLDs are nothing more than the Country Code Top-Level Domains. These ccTLDs intend to show the geographical location of your website. For instance, www.bookerlovers.uk , here the TLD, .UK depicts the Website’s location at United Kingdom. Let’s take you a step further down this path. Ever heard of gTLDs? No sweat here! gTLDs are Generic Top-Level Domains. In fact, they are your regular TLDs which are more generic, which indicate your area of functioning. The most commonly used gTLDs are .com, .info, .net,. Org.

People usually are very inquisitive about why new trends are generated and why do people follow them? The new gTLDs that have made their way to the internet are generated for some purpose. New gTLDs enable you to choose your Domain Name without the need for using weird spellings or skipping a few letters. A new gTLD would enable you to have that very Domain Name that you require without compromising the quality. Using a new gTLDs would definitely help you be easily discovered by your customers. The basic idea behind new gTLDs being launched is that you can use Domain Extensions that would define your business aptly. If you are a photographer, you can definitely opt for a gTLD such as www.clickme.photo , which would easily convey your area of interest to the customers. When people see the URL they would know what to expect when they land on your page. These new gTLDs are designed to make your job easier! The biggest plus-point to the introduction of the new gTLDs is that Google doesn’t penalise them. Google has already asserted that their system treats these new gTLDs just like the earlier ones, like .com,.org. If this seems a little too much for you to accept, Google too has many new extensions under its brand.

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