QSNova is a platform that helps you to store, sync and share your data both internally as well as externally. It is a custom-made cloud-based solution designed to cater your personal and professional data storage and share requirements. With QSNova, all your data and files are just mere clicks away from your daily access. Don’t worry if you goof up and delete files, because you can always travel back to the time and restore your files to the previous version. With QSNova at your rescue you will never lose your favorite pictures again!

We let you choose what you need

plan starts at
  • 100GB / Unlimited Users
  • 24,000/yr

Advanced features

Enterprise-grade security

All your files stored in QSNOVA are encrypted with various SSL and other security tools.

Mobile Apps

Access your data on the go with our apps.

Camera Upload

This feature backs up photos as you take them.

Fast and secure sharing

Now you can share your data with more people and they can download your shared links.

Unlimited users

Unlike our competitors, we don’t restrict you on number of users. You can create the users as and when required.

Admin Control

Full admin control to manage all the users and manage the permissions.

Additional Storage

Additional storage can be added anytime.

Priority support

You can reach to our support by writing to support@qualispace.com.

Best in class sync

Get an instant sync facility for photos, docs, and other files across devices.

The QSNOVA Security Shield

Deletion recovery and version history
Sharing restrictions with ability to password protect links
Group-level control to enable access to specific groups from admin panel
Sharing ability on read-only mode
Detailed log availability on administration actions, sharing etc.
AES 256-bit encryption for data in transit and at rest

Frequently Asked Questions

What is QSNova?

QSNova is a cloud-based platform that helps you to store, sync and share your data securely across all devices.

Is QSNova secured?

Yes, all your files stored in QSNOVA are encrypted with various SSL and other security tools.

How can I control my account?

You will get full admin control to access and manage your QSNova account. With QSNova it’s easy to create groups, users and share login details individually.

How many users can I create?

There are no limits, you can create as many users as you want.

Can I share my files with other users?

Yes, every file which is uploaded or synced can be shared with users, internal groups or among the remote users by creating public links.

What type of data gets synced with QSNova?

You can sync data such as photos, documents and other files with QSNova.

How can I restore a deleted file?

If any file gets deleted, you can still find it under “Deleted Files” where you can restore the file within 30 days.

Will I receive activity notifications?

Yes, you will be getting email notification in the following cases

  • A file or folder has been shared.
  • A new file or folder has been created.
  • A file or folder has been changed.
  • A file or folder has been deleted.

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