Announcement of New Office with Trunkozians

Before announcing to the world, the announcement was made internally with Trunkozians about shifting to the new office. The excitement could not be written in the words. But the team was “super duper” happy hearing the news of the shifting. And when Hiren Shah revealed the address to the members, it was applauded by all. Although before giving actual address, all were given few shocks with different addresses and finally the real address was revealed.

The world will have to wait for the address though. Stay connected for the new address and more information on our new office.

Surya Panicker
As a Digital Marketing Specialist, Surya is responsible to pen and craft content for the website, newsletters and other marketing collaterals. She weaves engaging content strategy in sync with the creative artists for various platforms to promote the products and generate website traffic. Surya is a silent critter obsessed with new words always glued to her keyboard.