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Top 6 reasons you should say Yes to Amazon Web Services

A remarkable American computer and cognitive scientist John McCarthy had proposed the idea of selling computing as a utility long ago around the year 1961. However, the term ‘Cloud computing’ remained dormant in the industry until 2006. It started plowing the field on March 19, 2006, when Amazon officially launched AWS by releasing its Simple Storage Service which is commonly known as S3. 

Hard to believe, it has already been 13 years since the inception of the Amazon Web Services or as we call AWS. With over a million active users, Amazon is still reaching new heights every day with every new service it adds to the list. 

So, what makes AWS one of its kind? 

Why in a world full of web service providers, one should go for Amazon Web Services? 

Well, the foremost argument is that Amazon is the most comprehensive platform on the globe that serves almost all our needs. It has over 165 services and products on its menu! Giants in various industries such as General Electric, AirAsia, Aircel, D-Link, Hitachi, Hungama Digital, LG Electronics, Mahindra Satyam, SAP, Suncorp, Byju’s, Georgia-Pacific, The Guardian, etc. have already trusted Amazon with their data. 

In addition to that, these are another 6 benefits of Amazon Web Services for your business!

1. EC2, Elastic Cloud Compute

EC2 has become a buzzword among all industries around the world. It is a web service by Amazon which ensures safe & scalable computing resources on the cloud. You can deploy your legion of servers seamlessly and have your EC2 instances ready online with no friction. EC2 instance in simple language is a virtual server. Select an operating system [Linux or Windows] AMI (Amazon Machine Image) and you are all set to go.

Earlier there used to be a delay while obtaining and booting a new instance. But, Amazon EC2 has radically reduced this time to a few minutes. This has eventually enhanced the scalability of the platform. Also, the instance will be charged per hour. Therefore, SMEs are finding AWS like a gift bestowed upon them! 

2. Confidentiality of your data

Every business comes with its own set of critical information. Maintaining the confidentiality of such data becomes crucial when you are hosting your data on the third-party cloud. Amazon has a robust privacy agreement that ensures the secrecy of your data.  

3. Disaster Recovery

How well your business can cope up and keep running through and after a disaster? 

Business Continuity is the phenomenon that keeps a business running during a disaster and doesn’t let the aftermath bring it down. Amazon ensures the Disaster Recovery for your business. AWS offers a specialized Disaster Recovery System called ‘CloudEndure’. 

In general, the whole concept of DR revolves around two things – 

Recovery Time Objective (RTO): 

The maximum acceptable length of time for which the application can be offline.

Recovery Point Objective (RPO): 

The maximum acceptable amount of data might be lost from your application due to a major incident. This is calculated in the time unit. For example, the data of users who subscribed between 10 am to 10.50 am is lost.

AWS uses 4 fundamental techniques for back-up and disaster recovery: 

  • Back-up and Recovery
  • Data mirroring using Pilot Light
  • Reduction of recovery time with Warm Standby
  • Duplication of the active environment with Multi-Site

                [Resource: Rapidly Recover Mission-Critical Systems in a Disaster]

4. Integrity

In the juggernaut of data ‘traffic’, maintaining the integrity of data holds the field. Integrity includes the correctness, accuracy, trustworthiness, and consistency of the data. The data sent and the data received should not exhibit a difference. AWS has classified policies and arrangements for maintaining the reliability of the data.

5. Cost Savings


With AWS, you pay only for what you use. There are no hidden costs or latent expenses. You don’t have to pay any minimum amount. AWS doesn’t ask for a long-term commitment from your side. You can terminate the subscription as and when you wish without any termination costs. 

No recurring purchase of licenses 

With over 160+ web services, you can escape the expenditure in the purchase of perpetual licenses. For example, if you expect a spike in your website traffic during a happy hour sale, you can scale up the server allocation. Therefore you will be paying only for what you require and not extra.
Estimate the cost beforehand by using the Total Cost of Ownership Calculator.

6. Flexibility

With AWS, you can work on your favorite operating system, programming application platform, and databases. We just saw in the last point that you can flexibly scale up your server allocation during peak time. Similarly, you can scale down in the times when you expect little or no traffic.  

We cannot deny the fact that AWS has taken a lot of load off SME’s shoulders. We have a team of AWS experts in QualiSpace who make it even simpler for you. You choose AWS and we help you. Check our service model here. And, if you have already chosen AWS, that’s even amazing!

How to add security to your dedicated server

The primary characteristic of a dedicated server is the absence of noisy neighbors. Your resources are not shared among your peers. This counts as the major reason why the dedicated servers are more secure than shared hosting. Then why do we need to know how to add security to your dedicated server?

Well, having said that, designing an extra layer of security doesn’t sound bad. If you have a QualiSpace dedicated server, you are already better off in terms of safety.

Still, if you want to add more security from your side, here are a few points that will help you.

1. Frequent up-gradation of the system

As you access the server from your system, you will have to check for the manual updates and security patches on your system. Whether you are using a Linux OS or Windows OS, make sure that the applications you are using are up-to-date. Often the vendor companies float upgrades to their applications after bridging the security gaps. Sometimes, your applications may not raise a notification about the available upgrade. So, you will have to be proactive and check for the upgrade by yourself. Upgraded applications contain improved security measures that otherwise could be breached by hackers. Therefore, you should keep your system up-to-date for maximum security.

2. Use trusted networks from trusted ISPs

Your QualiSpace dedicated servers are already protected by trusted networks at the data center. However, when you are accessing the dedicated server through your local system, the network you are using should be trusted. There are many public wireless networks and public Wi-Fi available. So, what’s a risk in using free Wi-Fi? Well, there are many!

  • Man-in-the-Middle attack
  • Malware induction
  • Unencrypted transition
  • Eavesdropping
  • Snooping
  • Sniffing, etc.  

Only use trusted networks that transfer data transparently. Also, if other users have access to your dedicated server, make sure they also know this protocol. Untrusted networks may not forbid third-party access to your data. Whereas trusted networks have their built-in firewalls to protect the data.

3. DDoS Protection

DDoS or Distributed Denial-of-Service is a surprisingly common cyber-attack. In a DDoS attack, the attacker tries to make the victim system unavailable to users. Typical DDoS attacks are:

  • SYN flooding
  • UDP flooding
  • HTTP flooding
  • Ping of Death attack
  • Smurfing

If your system gets attacked, your customers/users will not be able to access the system for some time. Therefore, you must provide DDoS protection to your dedicated server. If you are using QualiSpace Dedicated Server, you will not face any problem as there will be DDoS protection by default. But, if your server is hosted with some other provider then, you will have to make a provision for DDoS protection to your dedicated server.

4. Adopt a well-scheduled Back-up plan

As the classic saying goes, prevention is always better than cure! If in the worst case, your data is lost then you should have a backup to continue. There are many factors due to which the data can be lost. Examples, hardware failure, IT disaster, human errors, attacks, thefts, viruses, Trojan Horses, etc. In the case of sensitive applications such as banking and finances, hospitals, criminal records, etc. loss of data can become fatal. Data Backup is an activity of creating replicas of the data as per a scheduled policy. It can be a local backup or at a remote location.

5. Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

‘Disaster Recovery Planning’ is the state of being prepared for the unthinkable. No matter what you do, risk cannot be eliminated. Therefore, it is important to have a plan B ready, that can take over and keep your business going. This is called Business Continuity. An IT disaster like fires or flooding in the data center should not wreck your system. A Disaster Recovery plan generally includes business impact analysis (BIA) and risk analysis (RA). This estimates the Recovery Time Objective (RTO) and Recovery Point Objective (RPO).

6. Managed Services for a hosted dedicated server

Optimizing the server utilization while also keeping it secure from the threats and attacks is a herculean task. This is the point where you should genuinely consider managed services. Managed Service Providers manage the servers for you. All you have to do is work in the ready environment while MSPs take care of the peripherals.

7. Miscellaneous

Considering the prime security measures that you can take for your dedicated server, here are some additional tips to strengthen the fence.

These were our tips to add a layer of protection from the client-side. If you want any help, remember we are just a phone call away!

  • Be assured of the protection from SQL Injection if you are hosting a database. 
  • Implement a rigorous password policy at your end. 
  • Change the credentials for ‘root’/’admin’ access.
  • If you want to share the system with your employees, create different users with limited access rights to root/admin.   
  • Configure the firewalls at your end to protect the client systems and internal network. 
  • Change the port number (default: 22) of SSH listening port to prevent it from hacking bots which sense the default port first. 
  • Strong protection policy against Brute-Force Attacks. 
  • Use trustworthy and licensed software. Pirated copies of the software can corrupt your entire system through malware injection.
  • Make sure that the interfaces for server administration are  TLS (Transport Layer Security) protected example, protocols like SMTP, IMAP, POP3 have TLS-protected access.  

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Top 20 Christmassy domains to use this #Christmas2019

With Christmas around the corner, the jingles of the chimes and the tempting fragrance of freshly baked cookies have already filled the air. Marketplaces have started gleaming with the fairy lights dangling on the delightful Christmas trees

As Christmas fever takes up, the rush towards gift and novelty stores rises. And, so it does on the internet. 

To drive competitive advantage and attract more customers, you will have to embellish your online store just as vibrantly. You will have to make your customers feel the Christmassy verve. 

It’s time to decorate our online world with the Christmas spirit!     

Well, you can try to curate better content and alluring graphics. But, there is something that your customers see even before they visit your website. The first impression caster!

That’s right! – The domain name of your website. 

Here are some eye-candy domains that can add festivities to your website.  


Lighting is the name of Christmas! It symbolizes the triumph of Spring and warmth over the Winter and Cold. Christmas trees, households, stores, restaurants…, every corner of the street starts sparkling with pixie lights and glee. The aura of the fully decorated Christmas tree creates a magical ambiance. Even on the shrubs, windows, and eaves, we can see the spring of lights. 

Indubitably, this festival also boosts up the sales in the market. It is the perfect time to take your offline business online. Whether you sell fairy lights, wiring, electrician services, decorative strings, tree toppers, fragrant candles, or you have a seasonal business of aesthetic lighting arrangement, .LIGHTING happens to be the perfect domain for all your needs. 

If you already own a gift shop online, you can create a separate section for the lighting-related stuff using .LIGHTING. 

Photographers specializing in capturing the play of light and the darkness can also flaunt their Christmas lighting captures using .LIGHTING. 

Bloggers and vloggers who feature Christmas home decor ideas in their blogs can also use .LIGHTING. 


Can we mention Christmas without saying anything about gifts? That will be a felony! 

Right from the first Christmas ornament for the baby to the sweaters for the elderly, everyone deserves a gift from Santa. 

If you sell gift items in your store, it’s time to sell them online and let the world find them out! And, for this, no TLD can be better than .GIFTS.  


During Christmas, the first thing kids look after waking up are gifts from Santa under the Christmas tree! For all the parents, nanas and granddads being Secret Santa to the children, it is quite a task to find the perfect toys in the supermarkets. Standing in the long billing queues makes it even more cumbersome. 

For all the toy manufacturers and sellers, it is a great chance to help the parents by saving their time and efforts. When you sell the toys with .TOYS extension, parents will know that you have the toys that their children want.    

Book your favorite domain today with QualiSpace


Sending Christmas cards to relatives and friends updating them about all the lovely things that happened during the year is a long-established tradition. With the rise of the e-mail system, many companies have started designing digital greeting cards. If you have a (hard-copied) greeting card business, think of taking it online and building a delivery system. .CARDS will make your work easier. It will also save the characters in the domain name.  

Also, many families have a Christmas tradition of playing cards. So, the card games selling companies and resellers can also grab this opportunity to sell them online using .CARDS.


When families get together, games and fun are a given. Board games like a business, outside sports equipment like football, hoops, etc. are perhaps the first ones to get sold during the Christmas season. 

Many PC gaming, LAN gaming, video gaming, and mobile gaming companies also create games with a Christmas theme. Screen or no-screen, .GAMES is an apt choice if you want to sell games online. 


Christmas, followed by the new year, calls for a vacation. Many families take their children to a fun trip. Travelling to islands and other warmer places are the most favored options in such frosty winters. 

Therefore, .VACATIONS appears to be the ideal TLD for the tours and travels companies, camping clubs, trip organizers, farmhouse owners, lodging services, adventure sports centers, hikers, car rental services for road trips, airlines, group tour managers, cruise rentals, travel bloggers, etc. 

7 .Holiday

If .VACATIONS doesn’t fit your choice, don’t worry. You can choose .HOLIDAY. Both words are just playful differences between American and British English usage. 

Whether you are a blogger writing about various staycation ideas, or you are a holiday planner, .HOLIDAY can serve your purpose. 


One of the inseparable parts of Christmas is the mulled wine. Spices, lime, berries, and dried-fruits in wine seems like the perfect Christmas. With the goodness of nourishment, it has become synonymous with Christmas.  

Undoubtedly, it is the large-profit-margin season for the wineries and vineyards. If you decide to promote your winery online, the margin would be even higher. .WINE is the perfect TLD for connoisseurs, sommeliers, vendors, bloggers, wine tasters, bar chefs, and anyone who is associated with wines. The occasion of Christmas is the best time to take your wine-related business online.


Whether you are a kid or an adult, everybody loves to party on Christmas day. Cookies, Cinnamon rolls, plum cakes, wine, and a zesty feast on the day of Christmas makes it even enjoyable.  Snowflakes dancing outside the window while the folks performing skits inside, can any scenario be more cheerful than this? 

This is the season when the party planners can earn more bucks. And, .PARTY helps with that. Also, event managers, suppliers, caterers, decorators, bloggers, party idea vloggers, party game manufacturers, invitation card designers-printers, and anyone who is associated with this chain can use .PARTY to promote their businesses online. 

10 .FUN

Food, music, games, events, skits, gifts…, Everything about Christmas is fun! 

Whether you own a gift shop, or you sell artificial Christmas trees,  .FUN is your gateway to the online marketplace. Christmas village items, Christmas-tree decorative material, family games, happy hours at the restaurant… anything related to Christmas can be sold online with .FUN.  


Nothing brings a good family time like Christmas. Children get holidays from school. Adults take leave from the workplace. Many people like to stay home and celebrate Christmas family-style. Some families like to go on trips and spend quality time together. Christmas dinner, making cookies and hot pretzels, decorating the Christmas tree and the Christmas village, boosts up our bond.  

If you specialize in family-style shirts that say Queen-King-Prince-Princess, selling them online with the .FAMILY domain looks perfect. Anything that gives fun time to families, and helps them rekindle their bond, deserves a .FAMILY extension

12 .LOVE

Need the relation of Christmas and Love to be explained? The emotion of love resides in the core of the notion of the festival. 

Whether you sell greeting cards or gift-wrappers, you are selling the envelopes that hold affection. Then, why keep it limited to your neighbourhood? You can embrace .LOVE website for your business and spread the warmth of love in the whole world. 

Book your favorite domain today with QualiSpace


Going to the Church on Christmas, crowding with the loved ones in the pews and singing Christmas Carols is one of the best feelings. The beautifully decorated Church adds the colors of festivities. Skits, choir, charity, and other religious programs at Churches across the world are the highlights of the Christmas. 

When the celebration is so grand, there needs to be an easy way to convey the information to the community. What could be a better option than a website? And, what could be a better TLD than .CHURCH? 


Whether you talk about your faith in Santa or your faith in the almighty, Christmas is the symbolization of the divine conviction. We celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, the Son of God. 

.FAITH enables you to spread the strong message of faith and humanity to the world. To do the holy thing, why miss the occasion of Christmas? NGOs, Churches, Religious bodies, bloggers, and other associated individuals can use .FAITH to promote the paradigm of humanity. 


Many organizations such as NGOs, Churches, etc. seize the opportunity of Christmas to promote  Charity. Anyone running a fundraiser for the needy can promote the cause using .CHARITY. Also, the C-suite organizations can use this domain to separate their CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) section. 


Christmas and shopping go hand in hand. Rush towards supermarkets and Gifts, clothes, decorative material, wrappers, novelty, etc. 

Christmas is the best time to take your business online. Whether it is a retail store or a supermarket, .SHOPPING stands as the perfect choice to attract more and more customers.   


With the shopping season on, many supermarkets and retailers flash special discounts on the products and services. .DISCOUNT is the perfect way to attract a buyer’s attention. 

Retailers, salons, wholesalers, designer studios, supermarkets, restaurants, service providers, tours and travel companies, food sellers, etc. can host the special dedicated section for discounts with .DISCOUNT.


If .DISCOUNT doesn’t suit your needs, .DEALS can be a great trade. Also, you can use it throughout the year to showcase your seasonal deals. 

19 .SALE

If both of the above TLDs are not impressing you, here is yet another domain that can help you promote your sale and drive competitive advantage. 


Christmas is all about the joy of giving! When we make someone smile, multiplied joy comes our way. Celebrate your #Christmas2019 with this incredible feeling. Spread joy in the lives of needy and light up their lives. 

.GIVES is not just for NGOs, churches, or social workers. It is for anyone who wants to make the world a better and happier place!

Book your favorite domain today with QualiSpace

The world is already flooding with millions of websites. To stand sui generis in the competition, you have to be the one of a kind!

So, it’s time to deck the halls!

🙂 Merry Christmas! 🙂 

#BlackFriday is on! Flat 50% off on Cloud Server (Biggest Sale Ever!)

This is perhaps the most thrilling and most happening time of the year. With so much going on around, Christmas spirit starts kicking in right from Thanksgiving. The bumper offers of Black Friday followed by Small Biz Saturday, Cyber Monday and Giving Wednesday – the week becomes a bundle of excitement for both consumers and the sellers. 

Well, before we get into the philosophy of these days, let’s first get pumped up…    

It’s Black Friday!

Team QualiSpace wants to leverage the opportunity of Thanksgiving, to say a grand thank you for your support round the year.

Now it’s time for us to give back seizing the chance of #GivingTuesday.

The wait is over and the king of all sales – THE BLACK FRIDAY is here.  

Let us give a quick little head start to your business idea…  

Flat 50% Off on Cloud Server Annual Subscription

Here’s a little something about the QualiSpace Cloud Server and the offer… 

1.QualiSpace provides two types of Cloud server hosting: Linux and Windows. So, you can choose the Operating System you are comfortable with.  

2. After analyzing the customer requirements for the past 2 decades, we have designed  4 exclusive plans – Direct, Elemental, Supreme, and Colossal.

3. The cloud server hosting comes with a Dedicated IP. 

4. You will be able to store your data on SSD storage. 

5. RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) adds an extra benefit as you will be able to access the data using any device at any time from any corner of the globe.

6. Your data will be stored in a highly sophisticated tier 4 data center in India. This data center has: 

  • Multiple security layers to prevent unethical breaches
  • Large server rooms with ample space to manage computing racks
  • Carrier-Neutral facility to interconnect with colocation providers
  • Reliable and superior power density of up to 300 watts/sq.ft. 
  • Fire suppression systems for servers against IT disasters
  • 24/7/365 on-site network operations center to resolve queries

7. Apart from these, QualiSpace also provides around-the-clock technical support through Tickets, calls and live chat.

How to redeem the offer: 

It’s easy and straight forward. You don’t need to add any coupon or promo code to avail the offer. The discount will get applied automatically. 

All you have to do is…  

  1. Go to Linux Cloud Server or Windows Cloud Server.  
  2. Choose the plan you like from Direct, Elemental, Supreme & Colossal plans. 
  3. Select ‘1 year’ from the dropdown list. 
  4. Set your domain name and proceed. If you don’t have a domain name you can search for and register one. Also, if you have your domain name already registered with some other registrar, you can transfer it here easily, if you want. 
  5. Set your Billing Cycle to ‘Annually’. And, yes, don’t forget to scroll through the list of exciting and useful Addons.
  6. Done and done! Proceed to Payment. 

Also, note that the offer is valid: –

  1. Once per user
  2. From 28 to 30 November, 2019
  3. On Annual orders only
  4. Only on new orders and not applicable to renewals

So, what are you waiting for? Hop on and secure your Cloud Server at half the price. 

How to start an online business with a minimum budget

Gone are the days when you had to tout your ‘B-Plan’ to Angels and Venture Capitalists. The capital used to be the fundamental table stake even to get started. (You see? It’s right in the name – ‘fund’amental!) 

I know this will sound cliché but – WWW has truly brought the world closer! You no more have to go door to door to make a sale. 

You might be 

– A student who wants to earn some pocket money

– An employee who wants to create a side stream of passive income

– An entrepreneurial spirit who can’t stand an idea of ‘being employed’

No matter who you are, no matter what your age is, you can start a business – starting today! 

Here is a quick checklist to get your business started online with a budget as low as INR 5000.

Idea Generation

The first step to start a business is knowing what you want to sell. I would suggest adhering to something you are good at. Reason? With a low budget, you might not be able to delegate your tasks in the initial days. You will be the sole engine pulling the train. Once you start generating revenue, you can hire help and built a system that will continue to work in your absence. 

Try to find a decent business idea, if not unique. There were 7 search engines in the market before Google was born. And, the rest is history! Just try to come up with a sellable product/service. Come on, who would want to buy a peanut butter flavored deodorant? (Or, would they?) Anyway, you get the point, right? 

Get Online

To start a business online, you have to ‘get online’ first. You can use free domain names. But, the biggest disadvantage is that it wouldn’t sound trustworthy. Would you buy a gold earring from www.buygold.wordpress.com? A business that is selling gold online with a free domain name – it can wrap up itself anytime and leave the internet. Why? Because there is no investment at all! 

Reserve your domain name now before somebody takes it!

Go Social

Your website is the mirror of your business. Like the old-school business cards, people will use it to contact you. However, to let people know that you exist, you will have to be more social. 

Create a vibrant presence on social media. By ‘vibrant’ I don’t mean you should spam the newsfeeds of your potential customers. But, presenting yourself ahead, engaging with the comments on your posts, hosting giveaways, fun competitions, activities, value-adding information, infographics, etc. will attract more and more followers. More social you are higher will be the traffic to your website and greater will be your revenue. 

Once you have started generating considerable revenue and have a spare workforce to take care of high demands, you can start running paid advertising campaigns on social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. 

No-Spam E-mail Marketing

Cold emailing is the secret sauce of the success of many businesses. Emails containing newsletters, blogs, research/news stories and other information about offers and promo codes are a great way to make your passive customers active again. All you will need to have is a business email. Don’t use an email with an extension ___@gmail.com, ___@rediffmail.com, etc. Again, the same reason – they are free! If your company name is Qualispace then use a professional email id like info@qualispace.com. 

If we count a total, the above investment should not ideally exceed INR 5000. Once you start generating revenue from your business, that investment will also credit back to your account. 

So, now that you have the secret recipe of starting a business with a low budget, don’t wait. Grab your domain now and start decorating your online workplace right away!   

Good Luck! 

Top 5 free alternatives for Microsoft Outlook

Your quest for the right e-mail client ends here!

Since its inception in 2012, Microsoft Outlook has proved itself as a very eclectic E-mail client. So, why are we talking about the free alternatives for Microsoft Outlook? Because…

  • A drawback of Outlook lies in its complexity. The features are tough to understand and master.
  • If you want Outlook email client, you will have to buy the Microsoft Office Suite. However, in most cases, you won’t be using many of the utilities that are bundled in the package.
  • The price of MS Office Suite is more than INR 6000 yearly. Keep this aside, you will have to pay even more if you want to upgrade it to Microsoft Exchange.
  • Another major disadvantage of Outlook is when you try to integrate it with non-Microsoft software, it wouldn’t.

Therefore we have presented here a comprehensive list of best free alternatives for Microsoft Outlook. You can just buy business E-mail solutions such as Biz mail, Business Email or collaboration suites such as G Suite or Office 365 and use them for free using following E-mail clients.


The reason Mailbird topped this list is the recognition it has received over the years. Starting in the year 2013, it has been recognized by the Top Tech Portals like PC World, IT World, Windows Report, and Softonic.com. 

If you are a secret admirer for ‘The Apple brand’, Mailbird is for you! Mailbird was inspired by Sparrow Email Client. (Plus, it’s free!) The user interface is surprisingly easy and cluster-free. Outlook’s drawback of the non-integrability gets tamed here. Mailbird can integrate with apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, WeChat, Google Calendar, Slack, Trello, Twitter, etc. E-mail snoozing is another unique feature that makes  Mailbird stand out.

Mozilla Thunderbird

Thirdbird is free and open-source. 

The primary distinction between Thunderbird and Outlook is: 

  • Microsoft Outlook is available only for Windows and Mac. 
  • Thunderbird is available for all major platforms: Windows, Unix, Mac, etc. 

Thunderbird gives you a direct ability to chat with people through Facebook Messenger, Hangouts, and Twitter. It also supports a lot of plugins that help you design it the way you always wanted your mail client to be. Thunderbird does not restrict your mailbox to a size limit. Whether you have 5 mails or 5000 mails in your inbox, it hardly ever freezes. It stores a file per mail. This helps in incremental backups.

eM client

The eM client’s basic version is free. If you want it to support unlimited accounts, you will have to pay for the pro version. The interface of the eM client is customizable with color-coding and theme options. eM client also provides support for Jabber, Yahoo and other popular instant messaging clients.  It can import your data from most other popular clients like Thunderbird and Outlook. If two accounts suffice your purpose, then eM client will prove to be an excellent option. 

Windows Mail

Windows mail is a free e-mail client that you will get along with the bundle of the Windows operating system. Here we are trying to compare two babies of Microsoft where Outlook is the elder sibling. 

Windows mail is a smaller version of Outlook with less but similar features. This is because of the primary difference between their goals. Windows mail is meant for not-so-email-crucial purposes. Whereas, Outlook especially serves professionals and enterprises. Windows mail supports many email services such as Gmail, Yahoo, iCloud, etc. If you are a Windows user, Windows mail is a great option to consider. 

Claws Mail

Claws mail is another popular open-source e-mail client. It is based on GTK+. It is most popular for its THE feature – being light-weight. It occupies very little memory. So, it can run in the background without slowing down the entire system. It is not much like Thunderbird that does multiple tasks. Claws mail does one thing but does it really well. The open-source software is usually infamous for its complexity among the non-techies. But, the installation and learning curve of this client is not that steep after all. 

Wrapping up,

The best e-mail client for you depends upon what your needs are. If you want a highly sophisticated bundle of software and you are willing to pay money for it, Outlook is for you. Otherwise, the above-mentioned e-mail clients can also provide a great deal. 

Image Sources:
Mailbird: https://www.getmailbird.com
Mozilla Thunderbird: https://www.thunderbird.net/en-GB/
eM client: https://www.emclient.com
Windows mail:https://www.microsoft.com/store/productId/9WZDNCRFHVQM
Claws mail:https://www.claws-mail.org/

Why Indian companies should host their websites on Indian servers?

If you are reading this, chances are, that you are serving as the CTO or an important decision maker of a company, for the decision of hosting your website and are still undecided with regards to the location of your servers. Web hosting is a perishable product, it is marketed aggressively keeping in mind the constraints of time.

Bandwidth is the cheapest in North America owing to the maximum internet and computer penetration. And America’s leadership on the technology front ensures that web hosting rates continue to stay at rock bottom levels for almost all kinds of hosting services.

So why should Indian companies be hosting their websites on Indian Servers? Here are some important reasons.Latency

Latency is the number one reason why Indian companies do not bite the bait of low cost hosting in America as long-distance hosting is not a good thing.

The further your server is from where your users are, the slower the pages will render on your mobile or desktop screens as the servers must spend more time electronically in fetching pages hosted at a far-off location.

Even a latency of 180 milliseconds might frustrate your end users as it will trigger the worldwide wait factor and users want instant results for their search queries as they hate staring at blank screens. The fun of making quick online payments on e-commerce sites goes away due to slow loading of payment processing pages which can result in payment failure.


Support is another issue to consider when choosing a hosting provider, if by any chance something wrong happens to your server, you will want to immediately contact support of your hosting. In International hosting, there could be various factors like time zone issues, language barriers, getting the resource at the right time. Service support in the local language is easily understandable, and this is possible with Indian hosting services.

Maintenance Time

Every hosting system has maintenance time window, to ensure quality service every server runs maintenance time. Usually, this is done in the middle of the night, when visits are smaller so that the downtime does not impact the business. If the server is in India, one wouldn’t worry about it, but if it is based overseas, one has to be careful of different time zone, because you do not want a slow website when you have maximum visitors.

Search engine rankings                                                         

Your website’s search rankings go down if it has slow loading pages as search engines prefer portals with fast loading pages. Your business certainly cannot afford to lose on this count.

A cursory look at the arguments presented above will tell you that it hardly makes any sense to host your servers outside the country if your core audience is in India.

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What’s new in blogging for 2018?

For many bloggers, more readers and more sales are on the top list of things that they want to do in 2018. Keeping up with the growing trends will not only bring more readers to your blog but will also bring in more traffic, bring more customers and earn more sales. If this is exactly what you are looking for, then read on as we give you some tips on optimizing your blog for better results.


Traditionally, blogging is a written medium, but these days people just love the video. A video is now everywhere and is dominating the online world.

According to Cisco, the video will take up to 80% of worldwide internet traffic by 2021, so if you don’t board this train, you will be left behind.

Expert Neil Patel says that creating a YouTube channel and directing viewers from there to your blog is a good way to boost traffic. Simply adding a GIF or video to your blog will make it less monotonous and more interactive and exciting for the viewer to read.


Having said that video is important for to drive traffic to your blog, we have to consider that most of these videos are watched on a mobile device, which means that the video that you are uploading is mobile friendly. It also means that your site needs to support videos that buffer at a high speed and has a mobile-friendly format. For this purpose, vertical videos are very useful and make it easier for the user to view and comment on the video.


Expert Neil Patel says that a person reads at least 5 pieces of content before they can start the buying process.

Therefore, the number of posts have to increase on your blog page, which means that if you are trying to sell from your blogs, it is important that you give your readers enough content to read about the product before they start investing in it. For doing this, you would have to think of topics in advance and set up a schedule for writing and publishing them.


Blog posts need to be longer, the reason being that longer posts tend to perform better in search results. More content you have on a particular product or service or anything in general, more possibilities of it showing up in the search results. Experts recommend a maximum blog post of 2,500 words


In earlier days, when smartphone cameras weren’t available, people used stock photos to decorate their blog, but nowadays, that is not the way it goes. If you are writing a blog to promote a particular product

It is important to keep up with what is trending, or you will have missed the bus. We need to keep coming up with more appealing ways for people to view blogs. You could become the next successful blogger if you are ready to take the steps necessary and move up along with the growing trends. Need a domain to start your own blog? End your search right here and visit Qualispace’s website for more information.


Hacking Vs Phishing – The Difference

Many people confuse technology for being safe as it is meant to ease our lives. For the most part, this is not true and just another misconception. While Cyber tech like IOT and AI has made it easier to shop and made our homes smarter, cyber threats are real for both individuals and corporations alike.

In this Blog, we look at the difference between Hacking and Phishing as these are likely two terms you are familiar with, but unless you have been a victim or you work in an industry related to computer security you might not understand the difference between the two.

What is hacking?

Hacking is an act of gaining information that is not authorized. When a hacker gains access to an account, he can use it for personal gains and can use it against the person or company and in worst cases demand ransom to release the information

What is phishing?

Phishing is scamming you with links to steal your important information. It could be an email that looks like it came from a bank or could be a link that seems to force you to sign in again to your account. The Sender, in this case, gets access to your accounts and important information by directing you to a site or link and making you share your account details.

What is the difference?

Hacking and Phishing, both are ways to obtain personal information; the difference is in the methodology. A phish occurs when a user is baited with an email, phone call, text messages and is tricked into “voluntarily” responding with information. Victims are tricked by individuals posing as known people by using forged phishing email or website and making them look official enough to make them act.

In a hack, information is extracted involuntarily, forcing the perpetrator to first take over your computer system, through brute force or more sophisticated methods, to access the sensitive data—that’s not the case with phishing.

In all fairness, there are ethical hackers—known as penetration or pen testers– who attack systems on behalf of owners to explore and document security weaknesses but they are different from the above.

Who are the victims?

Any individual, organization – small or large, across any verticals, and in any country can be vulnerable.  The Motives for such attacks can involve espionage—stealing secrets–or could be monetary. A prime target for cyber thieves are an organization’s servers–that’s where the data is stored, and where the pot of gold lies in the form of sensitive data. In recent news, it was unveiled that over 3 Billion Users data was stolen from Yahoo which goes to show even the top organization aren’t safe havens of data.


Now that you know, here are some tips to save yourself from Hacking attacks

  • Make your password hard to guess by using a combination of upper and lower case letters, numbers, and special characters.
  • Change your password often.
  • Do not use the same password with more than one account. Think about it: If you use the same email and Facebook password, and someone found out your Facebook password, they can log into your email and potentially gain access to every single account that that email address is associated with by using “forgot my password” links.
  • Do not write your password down where someone else can find it. Don’t put it on a post-it near your computer. Keep it safe.
  • Don’t tell anyone your password. Even if it is your best friend or significant other, no one should know your password.
  • Install SiteLock on your website. This scans your website for potential threats and auto-blocks any unsolicited attempt.


Some tips to save yourself from Phishing attacks

  • Use trusted security software and set it to update automatically.
  • Don’t ever give any personal information over email or private message. If your bank needs to confirm your account number, call them using the number on the back of your bank card. Do not reply to email, text, or pop-up messages that ask for your personal or financial information. Businesses that are legitimate will not ask you to send private information over insecure channels.
  • Don’t click on links within emails or in private messages.
  • Log in to the company’s website by typing in the URL into the address bar. Don’t sign in through any links from the email or message.
  • Be cautious of opening attachments and downloading files to avoid a virus.

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Cyber Security Checklist for E-Retailing

The world has shifted from Machine Age to Digital Age, meaning, anything and everything can be made available digitally. According to an IAMAI-IMRB report, as of December 2016, there were 432 million internet users in India and by June 2017, the number would further increase by 4-8% and reach up to 450-465 million. After looking at these numbers, companies have started considering e-retailing as a promising way for selling their products and earning more out of it. Even large brick and mortar retail commerce giants like Shopperstop, Dmart and more have started to operate in the e-commerce space.

Though e-commerce has revolutionized the concept of conducting business by providing an equal chance to all the businesses, it has some limitations too. Due to the openness of internet; it’s indirectly a threat to e-commerce companies as anyone can get any information online. While large and established companies have a team of cyber experts, finding an IT security/admin guy in a small start-up or a business is seldom the case.

If you are a just starting up or running a small online business or are responsible for overlooking the IT security team in your organization, just follow this QualiSpace Cyber Security checklist to ensure that your shopping portal is secured.

1. Software Tools:

When building a website, you have software tools like Adobe Dreamweaver, Google Web Designer, etc. No matter how you build your e-commerce website, updating the software regularly is crucial. Updates are usually in terms of improvising the security of your software. A dated software can serve as an entry point for hackers.

2. SSL Security:

During payments, if the customers are redirected to another website like PayPal, then you need not worry about having an SSL seal. That said, having an SSL certificate can help your customers feel secure while they enter and save their personal details on your website. Also, if you already have or think of creating your own digital wallet, then you must have an SSL certificate on your website. The certificate ensures the data entered by you or your customers is encrypted, meaning, it is converted into a code to safeguard the information. You can get an SSL security here.

3. Site-Lock Security:

Just like your computer has an anti-virus that detects viruses and removes them, even a website can be protected from threats by having a Site-Lock security. The lock identifies any threat and repairs it effectively. In addition, it also sends a notification to you. You can get Site-lock security here.

4. Admin Panel:

Admin panel is where all the administrative controls of your website reside. It is important to secure it with strong credentials. As a thumb rule, avoid using your personal names as either usernames or passwords. One must make use of strong alphanumeric passwords and unique usernames. These credentials should only be shared with authorized personnel.

5. CodeGuard Backup:

Backing up data is essential. You might recover from a hack, but recovering your lost data is tough and at times, an impossible task. CodeGuard is a technique that performs automatic backup routines. It notifies you when there is a change in your website and backup it. If you want to go to the older version of your website, it restores your previous database. You can get a CodeGaurd for your website from QualiSpace.

6. Payment Getaways:

It is advisable to not store customers’ card details on your website. Using payment getaways like PayPal, PayTM and others will redirect your customers outside your website. Complying with PCI Data Security standards will ensure all the card payment transactions are safe and sound.

7. Anti-virus software:

Securing your systems is inevitable by installing a strong firewall protection and updated antivirus software will ward off most intrusions. Additionally, it is recommended that you run a full scan at least once a week.

8. Alphanumeric Passwords:

A strong password should have a combination of letters, numbers, and characters. Hacking data becomes difficult when the passwords are complicated. Use such passwords on your system and prompt your users to create the before-mentioned type of passwords while signing up.

9. Human Resource:

All the data should be trusted with only a few employees. Make a thorough background check before recruiting staff. Additionally, those handling the software need to be certified professionals. Changing system passwords when an employee leaves his job is necessary.