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HTTPS for Websites – May or Must?

Today where every business is online, it is necessary to have an outstanding online presence. Whether it’s a well-established organization, a startup, or e-commerce, it is advisable to have a good and reputed website. The two mandatory requirements for owning a website include a domain and hosting. Providing security for a website may not seem important in the beginning. But with time, it may affect the website’s functionality and performance. If you own an eCommerce website with no security protocol, this will directly affect the sales of products and may cause you to suffer loss in your business. Read on to understand the importance of having a secured web address.

HTTPS and its Purpose

The term HTTPS stands for Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure. HTTPS is the primary protocol, used to send data between a web browser and a website. It encrypts to increase the security of the data transmitted. HTTPS uses an encryption protocol called Transport Layer Security (TLS), formerly known as Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) to encrypt communication. This protocol uses an asymmetric Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) to secure communication. The private and public are the two keys that encrypt communications between the two parties. Having HTTPS is crucial when users transmit sensitive information such as entering bank account details, email services, etc. Any website that requires any login credentials should use HTTPS. In web browsers such as Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, the websites that do not use HTTPS are distinct from those that are secured. Every HTTPS website has a green lock on the address bar before the URL begins to signify that the web page is secure. Generally, all the popular brands secure their websites with HTTPS and ensure safety, and that’s the sole purpose of HTTPS.

Consequences of not having HTTPS

Now that the concept of HTTPS and the purpose of its usage is crystal clear. Let us understand the consequences of not having HTTPS enabled on the website. Developing trust among customers is a critical aspect of being successful online. At present, users expect a secure and private experience while using any website HTTPS minimizes the risk of serving unsecured content to the users. If the website does not have a security certification, a message is sent to the users to return to a safe web address. Having an unsecured web address affects sales and reduces traffic on the website as the user does not prefer visiting unsafe websites. The unsecured website is prone to attacks, and hackers can steal the information effortlessly.

Some common mistakes to avoid while securing the website

Common Mistakes How To Avoid Them

Expired Certificates

Update your Security Certificates on time

Certificates registered with incorrect website name

Obtain a certificate on the correct name for all host names that your website serves

Crawling Issue

Do not block your HTTPS websites from crawling

Indexing Issue

Allow indexing of pages by search engines wherever it is possible

One should always protect all its websites with HTTPS, even if they do not handle sensitive information, as it leaves less room for error and gains customers’ confidence.

Few key points to remember

  • To get an HTTPS on the website, purchase a security certificate from a trusted source that offers technical support as well.
  • Decide on the kind of Certificate you need. Select from Single, Wildcard, or SAN to secure multiple origins with many dynamic subdomains.
  • Redirect your users and search engines to the HTTPS website.
  • Having an HTTPS-enabled website helps in improving SEO.
  • HTTPS secured websites make deployment simpler and improve overall website performance.
  • Nowadays, users are specific about their data security. Using HTTPS can gain the confidence of clients.

Importance of a Secured Website

Website security involves protecting your website from unauthorized access and hacking. A hacked website can not only compromise vital information but can also take complete control of the site. The brand and reputation of any business are all at risk if the website is not secured. Cybercriminals can enter the website using the advanced malware that remains hidden, and one might not even notice they are there. Any business owner needs to ensure their website is secure and that customers can trust it. Keeping a website secured can prevent the misuse of customer information. The presence of malware or viruses slows down the loading speed of any website. It is necessary to make sure that the visitors are visiting a safe place on the internet. Because if a website is portrayed as potentially malicious or untrustworthy, it can damage the reputation and credibility of a company.

Problems of having an unsecured website

An unsecured website can be noticed by glancing at the URL of a website. An HTTP protocol with an open lock symbol in the URL of a website shows that the website is unsecured and does not follow the security protocols. Since HTTP does not employ encryption methods, there are chances for cyber threats such as malware and cyberattacks. Hackers can take advantage of this situation, and confidential information can get hacked in a few minutes. Additionally, when a user visits an unsecured website, a warning message is sent to them. No user would want to go through an unsafe website. If you own an unsecured website, it may reduce traffic and eventually stop people from visiting it.

The most common attacks on websites

#1 Cross-Site Scripting (XSS)

The Cross-Site Scripting attack is the most common type of cyberattack. In this type of attack, the users are targeted instead of the web application itself. A hacker inserts malicious code into a website and thereby executes it by a visitor. Users give out private information via the code, which can compromise user accounts, activate Trojan horses, or modify the web site’s content with this fraudulent act.

#2 Distributed Denial-of-Service (DDoS)

The DDoS attack involves flooding the web server with unwanted traffic preventing the regular traffic from accessing the website. One can easily make out when a website is flooded with traffic since during such times, either the website becomes slow or a message showing too many people requesting access to the website appears. In this malicious attack, too much traffic usually comes from a single IP address or the same geolocation. This flood of traffic can include incoming messages and requests for connections.

#3 Brute Force Attack

This type of attack involves guessing user credentials to attack a user’s data. Cybercriminals try guessing passwords by making combinations of letters, numbers, and symbols. Different brute force attacks include Simple, Hybrid, Dictionary, Rainbow, Reverse, and credential stuffing.

How to secure a website?

1. SSL certificate

When the website is secure with an SSL Certificate, it shows a closed lock symbol in the URL at the beginning of the link. Also, it mentions HTTPS before www(World Wide Web) in the URL. Here, HTTPS is an acronym for Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure. So, when you view a page containing HTTPS, it simply means the website is secure to browse. Hence, it is advisable to use an SSL-Certified website.

2. Install Software Update

Whenever a new update for your web browser is available, update it. As these updates often fix old bugs and repair crashes. Keeping your software up-to-date saves you from being a victim of malicious threats. Using an outdated web browser allows cybercriminals to read your files, passwords, and data that can easily infect your computer.

3. Use web application firewalls (WAF)

A firewall protects web apps by monitoring, filtering, and blocking data that travels to and from the web application. WAF types include network-based, host-based, and cloud-based. It is a security control that protects web systems against malware infections, threats, and vulnerabilities.


Investing in securing your website is worth more than spending huge amounts on repairing issues after a malware attack. Choosing a hosting plan with an SSL certificate for a website is recommended. These simple and basic steps at the beginning of any website creation process can save a lot of time and effort. Why take risks when we have the security remedy? After all, precaution is better than cure!

Why is timely domain name renewal so important?

Domain selection is an essential step when setting up a brand. No matter whatever your niche is, you will be recognized for your brand name i.e domain name. Websites that exist in the name of your domain name will create confusion among customers about the real owner of the brand. When purchasing a domain name, there are options given for the renewal of the domain name with the registrar to continue using the domain name after the set time. The duration given for this time renewal varies from 1 to 10 years. The renewal should be done prior to the expiration of the set date. If renewal is not done, the domain name gets transferred or released and becomes available for purchase on a first-come-first-serve basis. The pricing for domain registration and renewal differs from registrar to registrar. Hence, make sure to read and understand the terms and conditions of the product purchased. Usually, it is a 1-year renewal, but it is suggested to keep the renewal period extended. One thing you can do is to extend the renewal period to ten years to avoid yearly removal. If at all you feel like cancelling the domain name subscription, you can contact the registrar for the same. On cancelling the domain name, the registrar will delete the domain name. Also, the IT team of your firm should be active and alert during the end of the renewal period to get the domain renewed as soon as possible.

Fevicol.com sold in an auction due to failure in the renewal of domain name – In the News!

On September 14, 2021, Fevicol.com was caught on dropcatch.com and sold in an auction for USD 1,068 to an unknown purchaser. This happened because Pidilite Industries i.e owner of fevicol had failed to renew its domain name Fevicol.com.

Fevicol, a well-known brand that is recognised even by the illiterate and little children, has suffered a significant loss as a result of this mistake. Reclaiming the domain can cost a huge sum of money for the original brand. Being a well-established business, such an act is unthinkable, as it may result in a huge loss for the organisation.

Also, a case has to be filed against the same to avoid misusing the domain name. Hence it is necessary to renew domain names periodically. According to ICANN policy, if you extend your renewal period to more than 1 year, then in between if you wish to delete the domain name you can approach the registrar for the same. With deletion, the domain name enters a redemption period of 30 days. At this stage, it is available for restoration to the users. For 5 days the domain name goes into Pending Delete if not restored. The domain name will be released and kept available for registration after the renewal period has expired. Irrespective of whatever the life cycle stage is in your cancelled domain name, you cannot get the domain back after cancellation or expiration. During the 30 days Redemption Grace Period, domain names can be redeemed (or renewed) before their expiration date. In the Redemption Grace Period, if you try to redeem (or renew) your domain name, but are unable to do so, the registrar may be in violation of the Expired Registration Recovery Policy.

The renewal price for every registrar varies hence make sure to read and understand the terms of service carefully.


This case is a huge example of the consequences to be faced when renewals are taken lightly. Read the news here. Hence, to conclude if you have got an online business, don’t forget to renew your domain name on time. This could save you from wastage of a lot of unnecessary time and money. We don’t know when fevicol.com will be back but until then just wanted to ask you a question. Have you renewed your domain name yet?

Revamp of ENTP Mail

ENTP Mail after being launched has received incredibly positive feedback from users due to the flexibility in usage. Salient features include secure encryption, advertisement-free view, storage space up to 25GB, antispam and antivirus protected dashboard for keeping hackers at bay.

We have taken a step ahead to provide you with a better experience! It is an improved and upgraded mailing application that provides a great user experience. The launch of ENTP Mail Application and Admin Panel took place on February 3, 2022. Migration of accounts from the old panel to a new one was completed on the same day. Accessibility for the old panel is now no longer available. In order to manage all domain orders in one place, A new URL was shared with the customers on February 2, 2022, along with the required credentials.

What’s new?

ENTP Mail, the ultimate mailing solution built for growing businesses has come up with a brand new look and exciting features.

Few salient features of the new panel:

  • Corporations & Companies
  • New look & feel
  • Split Routing
  • Easy navigation
  • Secure Encryption
  • Manage all your domains from one single panel

Additional features like Spam Filtering, Email Forwarding, and secure communication platform with brand identification to help your business reach great heights. Apart from all these updated features, our technical experts are available 24/7 to assist you all-time. Feel free to contact us at +91 (22) 61426013 or email us at sales@qualispace.com in case you have any query.

Steps to choose a perfect and suitable domain name for your business

Do you think it is harder for you to name your kid? Or there is something else, which is more difficult to name upon or choosing the best possible combination of alphabets?

Well, the later one is more difficult to choose as for choosing your child’s name, you can look after your favorite TV-shows, movies, literacy characters or some historical figures but for the choice of domain name, you need a better inspiration. You need to be sure about the uniqueness of your digital baby as there should be no repetition.

How you will decide, what exactly a good domain name is?

In case you need something easy, memorable, as well as brand-able for your visitors or people to type or pronounce then you need to consider the similar thoughts. It is a better option for you to avoid long, overly specific words.

By the help of following these guidelines you can be able to drive more and more traffic for your website. There are few factors that you need to consider while making a decision of choosing your domain name.

But first understand why a domain Name Matters a lot for your business or Start-Up?

The domain name is the best & important part of your business or brand online, this can be taken from your logo or business name. It is something which can put your customers off and they will likely go to another place. If you make sure that your domain address or name is proper, accurate & fun-loving in daily use then you can have better initial impressions for your visitors or people that matter to you the most.

But it is not easy for you to change the domain name once your website is ready and online. One can change the domain name, but it is time taking & comes with various consequences. You may lose your traffic with unnecessary downtime.

You can take your time and choose a perfect domain name right now, so that you don’t need to face any issues in the longer run.

Choosing your domain name with 4 easy steps:

One cannot tell any difference between a right or wrong domain name for the specific business website, but you can go after the process of best possible selection with careful observation and rightful selection.

These are best practices to go after:

#1 Select one or more than one keywords for your site

You can have multiple ways to begin your process of generating ideas as far as your domain name is concerned. One can make the business name or logo as a base for creating a domain name but at the same time, you need to include some ingredients of strong keywords for getting an effective domain name. By using the keywords in your domain, you can make smarter decisions for your business in terms of SEO. A great SEO can deliver you many amazing benefits for generating more & more traffic towards the website and thus help you to rank better in search engines.
The steps to find keywords for your domain-name is very much similar to the process of finding keywords generally for the website. You can utilize tools like KWFFinder, Google-Keyword-Planner etc.

#2 Using Domain Name Generator to generate more options for your domain

After shortlisting a few keywords from the keyword researching tools, you need to find out ideas to get an effective domain name with the help of some special tools that can be used to generate domain names. If you go through the process of choosing a domain name by yourself then there might be some issues that you need to face as some names can be already taken.
With a professional domain name generator (Domain Wheel) you can provide yourself tremendous help in the form of brainstorming some key suggestions that are available for the purchase.
Just visit any domain generator website & then enter your preferred keyword into the search box. You can have different variations in your choice, if you don’t want to go further with the same keyword then you can change your keyword and then find out some more ideas & keyword suggestions. Take your time & come up with some strong options at the end.

#3 choose a domain name as per the simple criteria

After narrowing down or shortlisting the domain names, you are now done with the process of selecting your preferred domain names. After that, it is an important process for you to choose a great domain name from the range of shortlisted domain names in terms of making the decision easier.
You can pick a domain name that is:

  • Clear & Concise
    Long or confusing domain names can be very much harder to cognize or remember and also easier for others to mistype.
  • Memorable & creative
    Being creative & memorable with your domain name can let you read or pronounce it easily. You need to avoid the numbers or any kind of special character as it can be a little confusing while discussing or spoken aloud.

    At the end, make sure to consider domain-name’s top-level-domain or TLD. This is the end part of your end like: .com, .in, .org, .net etc. Many businesses consider ‘.com’ as the most preferred choice because it is easy to remember and widely used by many.

    But you can also choose a domain name which is associated with TLD other than ‘.com’. You can let search engines geo-target the websites based upon some specific regions of domains like ‘.ca’, ‘in’, ‘.au’ etc.

#4 Now it is the time to register your domain name

Once after setting the right combo of keywords, TLD, and domain name, the next thing to do is to purchase your final domain name. This step depends on the hosting provider you are using. While signing up for the best possible hosting plans, you can buy a domain-name at that time also. Additionally, you can also purchase it dedicatedly by a separate registrar or a hosting company.

After you are ready with the sign-up process for your preferred web-hosting account, you can have the choice of buying a domain name from another place. You can check out the service provider’s papers or documentations for better assistance while making your transfer.


November is here. That reminds us of a trend that has been followed for several years now. Yeah, you guessed it right, ‘No-Shave NOVEMBER’. Guys get ready to put down your razors and trimmers. Let your beard and moustache grow as wild and big as possible, flaunt it proudly. This fad has been escalating year after year. Social media is lit up with guys honing their handlebar moustaches. Brands pay a tidy sum to bearded models. But if we think about it, is a beard and a moustache essence of masculinity? it’s assumed to be, isn’t it? Without knowing the whole idea, guys just tend to jump in. It’s a mere dilemma that not shaving for a month is just a trend to flaunt a fully grown beard and moustache. Beard grooming speciality salons and shops are doing sales, giveaways, coupons and everything imaginable to promote this fad. Everyone is ready to spend lavishly to groom their beards and moustaches, without blinking.

We all know WHAT No-Shave November is, only a few know WHY.

Reality check of No-Shave NOVEMBER

The truth is No Shave NOVEMBER is neither about beards nor masculinity. In fact, the whole notion of not shaving is light years away from the craze of social media banter that we come across. You heard it right. it’s not about standing in front of your mirror, gazing continuously at your beard for hours at a stretch and looking at how long it has grown, honing out the edges of your stache, putting supplements to have a perfect beard.

In reality, No-Shave November is all about cancer and cancer patients. It’s about being sensitive towards the solitude of those afflicted by this deadly disease which most of the time wins against the people who are battling for their life.

Back in 2009, Chicago based Hill family started No-Shave November as a campaign to raise awareness and funding for cancer prevention, research and education.

Can you imagine, cancer patients getting excited for any grooming products or supplements that are introduced in the market every other day to make those black, brown or sometimes grey strands on your face look prettier and shinier. Where we spend ravishingly on grooming, cancer patients struggle with complete hair loss. Because of the chemotherapy, patients have to endure one of the worst treatment side effects of all time; partial or complete hair loss; eyebrows-gone, handlebar moustache- only nude lips, long beautiful hair-complete baldness. The mission of not shaving for a month is to save all the money that you spend on grooming that moustache and beard and donating your savings to the fund raisers.

By being a little sensitive, a little aware and a little empathetic about the plight of people afflicted with cancer, if we can be of any minute help then why not. Because we ought to help where we can. This is what NO-SHAVE NOVEMBER is all about.