Building blocks for your STARTUP

The dream of starting your own venture is not bad at all. But you need to know what you need and how you would implement it. The aspiration to be on top is what you have in you, and to work towards that goal here are a few building blocks for your Startup.

Good Core Team

One needs to develop a good core team. This is the first step to getting big. Being backed by enthusiastic people is something that a startup needs. Everyone dreams of having a venture that will change the world, but you need a good core team for that.

When it comes to partnership, you should always think before you make your choices. Being apprehensive is not the key but being observant is. A venture with a solo mind behind it will definitely be giving the freedom towards developing a vision. But this will be limited; partnership will help you explore wider aspects and better avenues for your business. Partnerships can go wrong completely if there is no strategy and planning.

Together you do better

Different skillsets will achieve more efficiency and efficacy in your work. Networking also plays a key role to achieve better financial results. Together you can create a great workspace environment and also split work responsibilities.

But first get legal

It is better you have a written communication for all your legal work. A detailed layout of how you would function with rules and regulations, it would make sure that you don’t go haywire. This also ensures no conflicts between colleagues. You should make sure you draft these rules by yourself and not rely on anyone else for this task. Instead, you can take help of a lawyer and an accountant that would work on the legal aspects of your business.

You need to make sure that if you plan on including friends to your startup, make sure that they have more to your goals than just monetary aspects. This will help you when it comes to the turbulent phases.

Getting investors would be easy when you have a structure and your roots grounded. A good team with a good portfolio is what you would need. Think before you choose your investors if chosen correctly they will take your business to great heights. If not, you would be drowning in no time. The right kind of investors will stick to your business through thick and thin.

You should be well aware of a few things….

  • You have an idea, but you doubt it to be the idea? It is okay. If you have a good team backing you and share the same vision, you don’t need to worry.
  • A common goal and teamwork will lead to success.
  • A right mentor will make sure you achieve your goals and reach there efficiently. This will save time, money and some hassle.
  • A compromise on quality and deliverability can lead to disaster.
  • Trust is an important factor when it comes to co-founders.
  • Don’t try to merge professional and private life.
  • The co-founders should be an inspiration to the employees.
  • A perfect sync between co-founders is the backbone of a great team.
  • Perfectly scripted roles and responsibilities of co-founders are vital. Be careful while you draft them.
  • A written vision and plan for the company is a must.
  • It is better if you plan your partnership goals before you start your venture.
  • Always keep in mind that your company should be looking for a better tomorrow. Invest for what is required and save for the future.

Focus on the betterment of your team and get quality

Startups are not a one-man show. Letting someone down to the team can create a negative vibe in the team, which can lead to harm and eventually lead to distrust between two parties. Make sure you motivate the team when required and remind them of the mission and vision of your company.

Believe in the team and yourself – the mantra to success.

Surya Panicker
As a Digital Marketing Specialist, Surya is responsible to pen and craft content for the website, newsletters and other marketing collaterals. She weaves engaging content strategy in sync with the creative artists for various platforms to promote the products and generate website traffic. Surya is a silent critter obsessed with new words always glued to her keyboard.