Completely Free hosting

Most people are hesitant about opting for free service, as most free offers have T&Cs or other commitments to it. Completely Free is when there is no obligation, no T&Cs, that is exactly what QualiSpace is offering, a completely free hosting service where there are no pre-purchase commitment, no bank details saved and no strings attached.

We’ve come to believe that most Free Offers on the Internet are either scams, not worthy or Fake etc. And there is a valid reason why most of us have such an opinion on free offers. Each Day, there are numerous users who are made scams of Phishing, Identity Scams, Fake Charges and more. So how do companies go about it? Below is one example of how companies charge you for Free service or make you compromise your security.


How it works:

You see an offer while browsing the Internet for a free one-month trial of some amazing product like a weight-loss program or Hair-Loss consulting. But when you proceed, you are asked to pay for shipping, registration or other charges.

What’s really going on:

The Devil lies in Detail, here it is buried in the fine print. Often, the font size and color selection make it look illusory. In the fine print, there are the terms that obligate you to either pay or to obligate.

The big picture:

Companies are known to take advantage of user negligence displayed while agreeing to the Terms and conditions. Many users just look for numbers (Financial Considerations), to which companies include the numbers in non-numeric formats without including any currency symbols. That’s how most users end-up paying many dollars for a free service or are made to divulge their personal information.

QualiSpace Free Hosting plan:

QualiSpace Free Hosting plan for your website does nothing of this sort. At the time of sign-up, you won’t be required to enter your Bank or Card details, No purchase commitments. The information requested would be limited to what is required to set-up your free account, No Scams. There are no Fine prints, asterisks no Terms and Conditions, No Auto-renewals.

QualiSpace Free Website Hosting offers you what other free website services out there simply cannot. To those subscribing to our Free Hosting plan, we offer the same 99.9% Uptime Guarantee and access to our qualified 24X7 Tech Support. Users subscribing to Free hosting plan get the same privileges offered to our paid users. Just like our paid hosting plans, the Free hosting plan users get to enjoy 100% ad-free, banner-free, text-free clean pages. We promise would not place forced ads, banners on your website pages during the free 1-year plan.

Free Hosting also offers the full range of tools and resources you need for creating all kinds of websites. Our comprehensive best in class c-panel and 435 ready to install scripts. Our service is about giving everything you need.

Here is what QualiSpace Free Website Plan offers:

– 1 Domain

– 5 Subdomains

– 500Mb Storage

– 2 Email Accounts

– 1 Database

– 5Gb Data Transfer.

Visit QualiSpace to avail our Free Website Hosting Plan or Call us on 022-6142 6099.

Surya Panicker
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