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Content Factory Insights

Whatever you pick up and see has some or the other words written on it. So when I say that words make up almost the entire part of the communication, it’s not an exaggerated statement. Have you ever read a Blog and felt that it isn’t well-written? Or did it fail to capture your interest? Let me be honest with you, everything about the blog, right from the idea that the writer wished to express, how clearly it was expressed, how well the sentences were crafted, did the words he choose succeed in expressing what exactly he wished to convey, etc. all of these play a very important role in deciding whether what you just read was worth it or not. When you write, you write to express an idea and you write for someone to read and understand and if they do not comprehend what you wrote, maybe you would have missed the bull’s eye of getting your idea across.

In the virtual world too, everything you do involves reading content. No matter what you are reading, the obvious part to it is that, be it using Wikipedia for your homework, or singing along a song with the help of a Karoke site, you are reading the content published by someone. So what I am trying to emphasize here is that, when you write a content and it gets published anywhere on the internet, your content would be read by millions. So utmost care has to be taken when you Write! So, let’s see what we can consider while creating content for millions, billions, trillions…etc to read.

So when you are planning on writing any content, the first and foremost thing is the idea.
Clear Concept: When you decide that you want to write, what you have to do is get the idea figured out. If you aren’t clear about your idea, about what you wish to write, then there is a high possibility that you might get stuck somewhere midway while writing. Deciding on what exactly your topic would be, chalking out a skeleton for the same would help you in the long run.
Research: Research before you take the plunge! Plenty of times, content writers are supposed to write content about certain things that may not be their cup of tea. So what you can do is research! When you have researched your area of interest very keenly, you would finally get the reins of the matter and can take it into your hands. Even if you are writing about something you are familiar with, always be cautious. Look up the facts once again and get that straight before you begin writing. Research never goes waste.
Create an unforgettable first impression: Nobody likes a dishevelled-looking person. And here we are talking about first impressions. So what you have to keep in mind is that, unless you are a well-established and really famous writer or entrepreneur, people wouldn’t read what you write with immense dedication. So what we would do is, make the title very catchy! The title of your article has to be attention-grabbing. The major function of the title is to intrigue the readers into reading the content in depth. So prep up the title a little so that people would be automatically drawn to your content.
Catchy opening sentence: We spoke about the first impressions in context of the title. The title has to be attractive, we get that but what about the actual content? If you need to hold the attention of the reader after moving beyond the title, think of a great opening sentence. Nothing beats an impactful introduction! When the readers read your title, which obviously is the reason they decided to continue reading, you have to sustain their attention by making an impact with the opening statement.
Grammar: Then comes the Grammar Alert! This isn’t just one step, it encompasses your entire writing process. Nothing loses out readers faster than bad grammar. So when you write, make sure your grammar skills are brushed up and keep checking for any grammatical errors as the internet buzzes with tons of Grammar Critics.
Find your own style: When you write, make sure you don’t keep imitating someone. You need to select your own style which you would be at ease with. Your own style of writing would become your signature, people would identify your writing style and this would be an achievement on its own. For instance, when you read something very simple, yet intriguing with a slight sense of humour added to it, you can easily guess that it’s written by Mr. Chetan Bhagat.
Keep it simple: When you write content, you would be catering to a wide variety of audience. So whatever you write, make sure it is simple and not too complicated for others to understand.

We wouldn’t tell you how to write your content, you are obviously good at that. What we wish to emphasize is that, these simple pointers would eventually make your content more appealing. It’s all about getting the idea across. As writers, we are well-versed with changing our methods to accommodate the different audience we wish to reach, but in this process we mustn’t lose our signature touch.

A Writer is a paradox, simple yet intriguingly complicated! Making the extensive process of writing appear quite simple. At the end of the day, that’s what we do, we write simple stories with complicated plots!

Surya Panicker
As a Digital Marketing Specialist, Surya is responsible to pen and craft content for the website, newsletters and other marketing collaterals. She weaves engaging content strategy in sync with the creative artists for various platforms to promote the products and generate website traffic. Surya is a silent critter obsessed with new words always glued to her keyboard.