Don’t Just Register A Domain, Host it!

When starting a new business, taking it online is probably a good idea since the internet can be beneficial to the business. With the help of the internet, you can push the boundaries beyond the city or the town and can reach every potential customer. Thus, e-commerce is the new trend among businesses. Any Internet journey for either a personal or a business website starts with finding the right domain. You can look up for your favourite domain on Once you’ve found the right domain, you can register it for the number of years you’d want it to.

To register a domain, you need to register it with an ICANN-accredited registrar. Then, the registrar will verify if the domain name is in current use or not. In case it is available, it will create a WHOIS record with the information of the registrant of the domain name. After all the information is updated and the domain name is uploaded on the master servers which tells the other servers about the location of your server, you will be able to host services on that domain and it will be ready to use.

Once a domain is registered, one can begin to build their website by first hosting the domain and website files on a server. For this, you need to subscribe to a hosting service. However, there is no time limit to do so. Thus, there are many users who tend to get a domain but leave it unused for a variety of reasons, wherein hosting expense is a major reason.

Hosting a website means renting a space for the website’s files and data. The domain name is the address that points to some space where the website is being hosted from. When a user enters the domain name, it is converted to the IP address of the hosting area. When you pay a company for hosting your website, you are basically paying them to store all your data and files in their space and to ensure that the website is accessible whenever a user enters the domain name.

The cost of Hosting a website is a considerable cost in the entire process of website development. The cost is usually around INR 200/month when you subscribe to a multi-year plan. This can be higher if you do not wish to commit for a longer duration. There are many companies that offer Free Web Hosting services but that comes with their own set of Terms and Conditions. Often many people fall prey to such offers and end up giving their website space for network ads or end up paying subscription fees for hosting service which was initially marketed as free.

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Surya Panicker
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