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Impress.ly: Is the mobile-first website builder right for you?

Impress.ly: Is the mobile-first website builder right for you?

Until a few years, back website building was a tough job, it would take years to master the job and learning the art of beautiful website design. Well, not anymore, Impressly is here for the rescue. Impressly is a mobile-first website builder that automates most of the designing work for you, it is as easy as picking a fruit from the rack and putting it in the basket. It does all your tough work, so you can just sit, drag and drop to build your website.

So the question comes why Impressly is better choice for your website building?

Excessive internet usage through smartphones.

According to StatCounter, close to 80% of internet usage in India was done through Mobile phones. Having a mobile-friendly website boosts your search engine rankings as well, this is something that you cannot afford to ignore. With smartphone penetration increasing at a scorching pace and surpassing laptop cum desktop penetration by miles, search engines now place a higher priority to businesses having both mobile and desktop sites followed by those having just a mobile site. WordPress can build mobile-friendly sites but it’s not automated.

Mobile friendliness:

Impressly is the new kid on the block that is basically a mobile-centric website builder focused on creating websites that can be navigated like mobile apps. As soon as you select the domain in which you wish to create Impressly website, you will be asked to enter the uniform resource locator, of your Facebook business page. By giving access to all the data of your business page, and mandating the design template to be used, Impressly will begin to build a website around the content framework it has on hand. And it does a tremendous job. You just must try it out to believe.

Usage :

Impressly does a great job of developing websites that render beautifully on any desktop or mobile. Mobile navigation is awesome when you build websites using Impressly that results in a delightful user experience for your customers. There is hardly any tool in the market that matches Impressly in terms of speed, agility, and cost-effectiveness. It serves as a force multiplier for small business owners who are not very versed in the art of writing good copy or designing web pages. Users get to select from a fixed predefined color palette; something we feel will be expanded as more users join in.

Benefits to user

  • Impressly is an automated website builder that does mobile-first design. So, you get flawless websites that render perfectly on mobile browsers like safari installed on tablets, smartphones or personal digital assistants.
  • It makes your website rich in content through feeds, photos, music, brand colors, logo, 3d animation and other such elements which hook the user into spending more time on your portal.
  • The more time users spend on your portals, the more likely they are to buy or send an urgent inquiry if they find something that matches their preferences.

Impressly is the best choice to create a website for local business, restaurant, musician, personal website or health & beauty website, you can try it with us at QualiSpace

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