QualiSpace Attends The Hostingconindia 2016!!!

hostingcon india

The business world demands you to be on your toes, it wants you to be updated with the latest trends and upgrade yourself accordingly. The thumb rule for being successful in any business venture would be to walk hand-in-hand with the industry’s latest renderings. That’s what we, at QualiSpace did when we decided to attend one of the biggest event of the year – Hostingconindia!

Hostingconindia is a premier conference and trade show for the Cloud, Domains and Hosting Business organised by one of the Domain-Hosting Industry Giants. It was a two day event which began on the 16th of November on the Nesco Grounds at Goregaon. QualiSpace was one of the attendees who ardently followed the event right from the beginning till the curtains were drawn on the event on the 17th of November.

The Hostingconindia was the meeting ground for the brightest minds and the business giants of the Domain-Hosting Industry who willingly let us take a peek into what makes them the efficient honchos that they are. They enlightened the attendees with “what makes the customers tick” and very eagerly shared the ideas to take your business a notch up and spoke about the various know-hows of the industry which, in their very own words, “would help you to adapt to the ever changing landscape of the Web Ecosystem..”

The Sessions Day One had scheduled speakers who can easily be labelled as the biggest players in the Domain-Hosting market. One of the most engaging speaker was the one who gave insights on where the current Web Service Industry is headed and provided splendid observations on how web professionals can boost their business by using this opportunity as it is conducive to their growth. The benefits of building your business empire on the Cloud was also asserted by the next speaker. We were enlightened about how Cloud-based tools could improve the efficiency and productivity of our businesses and how to improve employee engagement and compete globally.

The Sessions Day Two began with an address by one the prime speakers of the event. He provided a realistic vision about businesses and the issues they face. The message that- “It is impossible to address every issue that an entrepreneur can face” was clearly imprinted on our minds. However, he asserted that there are some common challenges that every growing company would face and provided us with a general framework that would act as a guide against which the entrepreneurs can measure their success.

The highlight of the second day sessions was the panel discussion, wherein the panel comprised of key players from the new gTLD Registries and Registrars. They discussed how the evolution of the new set of gTLDs would mould the future of the Domain Market. As major contributors in the Domain Industry, this panel gave us an edge to revamp our earlier approaches.

The workshops were a major attraction to those who were eager to learn something more about their industry. The workshops basically covered certain areas of the web world that drew many people to participate in it. Mostly, the workshops focused on the “Multi-Cloud” Strategy, Complete WordPress Security Solutions, Domain Analytics MasterClass etc.

QualiSpace’s Business Development Team, The Account Management Team and the Technical Support Team attended the event with great gusto. This event was a perfect platform for our teams to interact with the industry experts and learn plenty of business mantras from them. In a nutshell, attending the event proved very conducive to our company’s growth. It helped our teams to broaden their horizons and learn new approaches that they can apply to devise new strategies.

The event was a huge success and in addition to having learnt a great deal, we had a really great experience. Being in the industry for more than 18 years and working hard to scale new heights, all our endeavors were worthwhile when our CEO was revered by even the newest contributors in the Domain-Hosting Industry. That’s why we say, “hard work does pay off in the end!

Surya Panicker
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