99.9% Network Uptime

Calendars,Contacts and Tasks

Inbuilt Spam Filters

Compatible with Microsoft Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird and other email clients

Full Archiving

Easy Migration

Instant Messaging

Great Technical Support

Additional Features

Our Business Email Solution enables you to send attachments as big as 50 MB. This is twice the deal that you get elsewhere.

You are provided with a huge inbox, trying to fill it up would be a huge task.

You can seal your security with the strongest encryption domain validated certificate.

Split Routing allows you to host only important email accounts on Business Email and use shared hosting or your own email server for the rest of the email accounts.

If you are a single user with two domains, you can receive email for both these domains in one inbox.

You can set certain filtering rules to deliver messages wherever you want.

Communication is the lifeline of any business. We understand this and thus we present you with two unique email solutions- Business Email Solutions and GSuite, designed to help you promote your business efficiently. We believe in making communication easy for you. Here’s what you would be looking at if you opt for either of our email solutions-
  • High storage facility
  • Customized email ids
  • Anti-virus and anti-spam protection
These would ensure that your aim of communicating with your clients is fulfilled conveniently.
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