Additional Features

Deploys the SSD instances with great speed within 1 minute.

Pay only for what you use. Since you have a dedicated environment all to yourself, you have to pay only for what resources you use. No additional charges would stealthily make its way to your bills.

The SSD Cloud Server is built on some of today's most reliable technologies such as KVM and Proxmox in order to deliver a robust infrastructure that is a class apart.

Hassle-free scalability is made available to you. Increasing your resources like the storage and bandwidth are just a few clicks away.

Cloud Hosting is affordable in the sense that you pay only for what you use. You can increase or decrease the usage of your resources as per your requirement. This means that you wouldn’t have to pay for all the other resources that are not being used by you.

You can have a good night’s sleep knowing your data is safe on our Cloud. By distributing your data across several redundant servers, your data is safe since even a hardware failure cannot affect it.

You have a Plesk that enables you to be your own master. You can create unlimited email ids, manage your subdomains and store as much data as you want, everything under one roof.

With Cloud Hosting you would never face the issues that are so evident in the Shared Hosting platforms. On Shared Platforms, if one user creates a ruckus, all the other users are affected. In a Cloud Hosting Platform, you are given a dedicated environment where you can function without being associated to the other users.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Cloud Server is a trending phenomena in the present world and gives you the ample hosting space which is pursued relentlessly by businesses that are moving towards expansion.
Not only would you be given ample of space on the web but it would also allow you to experience what hassle-free hosting is. When you are on the Cloud Server, you are in control of the resources made available to you, hence you are your own master! You won’t be sharing your resources with any other user when you would be active on the Cloud Server, it would be solely yours. Security on the Cloud Server is also impeccable, so you can have a good night’s sleep.
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