Additional Features

CodeGuard offers you backups on the Cloud. This would ensure that your website, even if it in the most dire circumstances malfunctions, your data would still be protected. You would not lose out any of your website’s data.

The CodeGuard backs up everything right from the website’s files to your databases, leaving no room for any threat to reach your site.

CodeGuard restores your website from any previously created snapshot.

Your website would be very efficiently protected and at the same time your website’s load would be reduced considerably as it looks up what has changed on your hosting package and backs up the very changes.

CodeGuard being a Cloud-Solution, setting it up would not be a difficult task. All you have to do is add your website details to start the backup process.

Frequently Asked Questions

Poor security is every businessman’s nightmare and we are here to save you from it. Your website which is worth quite a lot of money is at risk if left unguarded. There are plenty of malwares, bots, hackers, etc. that are waiting to catch you off-guard. We would deploy our security personnels who would guard your website efficiently. These are our security tools that are at your service-
CodeGuard provides an automatic website backup solution. It monitors your website and database regularly. On detecting changes it will notify you about the changes and backup your website.
So, our ultimate aim is to ensure that your website’s perimeter are secured.
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