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Frequently Asked Questions

A customized email address with a unique domain name for business magnifies the brand reputation and makes it easy to touch base the customers. Free email account tends to be ideal for keeping in touch with friends. However, once your business relies on email; you will need a lot more. Configure your email account with outlook using a secure IMAP and make your business thrive.

You can view and manage your email at https://mail.emailsrvr.com

Users are limited to 10,000 total recipients per 24-hour period. For example, sending 100 emails that each have 100 recipients is counted the same as sending 10,000 emails that each have a single recipient.

  • POP3 Host Address: pop.emailsrvr.com
  • IMAP Address: imap.emailsrvr.com

The maximum size for an attachment in the Business Email is 50 MB.

Many organizations use free email hosting services like Gmail, Yahoo or Hotmail for business communications. However, they lack the professional business advantages. Business Mail is specifically used for your business communications. A business email ID consists of company name in it which acts as a professional tool and helps you establish a brand identity of your company. Your email ID acts as an advertisement as it stays visible in every communication you send to your clients.

The maximum size of a Business Email box is 25 GB.

Priority: 10
Value: Mx1.emailsrvr.com

Priority: 20
Value: Mx2.emailsrvr.com

Yes, you can use your current mailing along with Business Email.

  • SMTP Host Address: smtp.emailsrvr.com