Pick the best armor to protect your website!

Advanced Features


Protect all the sensitive information of your website visitors with 256-bit encryption security.

Customer Satisfaction

Boost your customers’ reliability by securing their information with https:// prefix in the visitor browser.

Higher SEO Rankings

Ensure a google-friendly website to obtain higher search rankings and website traffic with SSL certificate.

Secure Online Transactions

Let your users buy without fear! With SSL in place all online transactions of your website visitors are kept hidden.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is SSL?

Secure Socket Layer (SSL), is a digital certificate issued for a Domain by a central authority called the Certificate Authority. SSL validates your websites identity, and encrypts the information visitors send to, or receive from, your site.

What are the benefits of SSL?

SSL encrypts the information sent from user’s browser to your website and also authenticates your websites identity. It ensures a secure website and increase customer loyalty which would prove beneficial for your online business.

Difference between Positive and Positive Wildcard SSL?

Positive SSL secures single domain name while Positive Wildcard SSL secures multiple subdomains on a single domain name.

What is Private Key?

All SSL certificates need a private key to work. The private key is nothing but a file which is used for encryption/decryption of data sent between your server and the connecting clients.

What is an EV SSL Certificate?

EV stands for Extended Validation Certificate. An EV SSL certificate offers the highest available levels of trust and authentication to your website. The green address bar in the browser displays your company name and provides authenticity of your website to the customers.

What is CSR?

A CSR or Certificate Signing Request is a block of encoded text that is given to a Certificate Authority during execution of an SSL Certificate. It is generated on the server where the certificate will be installed and contains information such as the domain name, company name and the location.

What is the process to install SSL?

1) Generate CSR from your hosting panel.

2) Provide us the CSR so that we can issue your SSL certificate.

3) A verification email will be sent to admin/ webmaster/ hostmaster/ postmaster/ other email id which matches CSR.

4) Once the verification is completed you will receive SSL certificate from Comodo within 1-2 hours.

5) Now you can install certificate under SSL/TLS section or provide us the SSL certificate and our support team will install it for you.

6) Once SSL is installed successfully, your website will open with “https” having padlock sign in, in it.

7) Make sure you redirect all pages from “http” to “https” with the help of your website developer.

How many times I can re-issue the certificate?

There is no limitation. You can re-issue your SSL certificate unlimited times.

Do all browsers accept the SSL Certificates?

Yes, SSL certificates are compatible with all the browsers.

How would people know my website is safe?

Once the SSL is installed you can see Green padlock sign on your address bar which indicates your web page is secure.