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State of the art hosting for your favourite accounting software!

Tally has been serving as the backbone of several businesses for many years! From the earlier tax system to GST, Tally has always taken care of all our requirements. Amidst the rush to the cloud, it had been a dream - “If only we could also move our accounting load to the cloud!” The good news is now you can!

We have helped hundreds of clients migrate to the cloud, and they are happy we did! Nevertheless, we always thought something was missing! This was it!

All the IT needs were satisfied with cloud adoption, but what about the accounting department? Their workload remained unaltered. Accounting and maintenance had always been a strenuous task! Buying multiple licenses, managing the whole plethora of finance-related functions, etc. continued. Simultaneously, the IT teams kept busy managing and maintaining the computing workload and storage capacity. Let your teams heave a sigh of relief now!

Users 1 5 15 25
Cores 2 4 4 4
Storage 100GB SSD 200GB SSD 300GB SSD 400GB SSD
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Frequently Asked Questions

User can log in using the credentials through RDP client. The Tally app will start automatically.

Tally on Cloud will be based on the Windows operating system.

With a user license, only one user can access the Tally on Cloud. But, he/she can access it from any system, anywhere!

No, you will only get dedicated access to ‘Tally on the cloud’. You will not be able to store other files on the cloud storage in this plan. However, you can check our plans for the ‘QualiSpace cloud’. They will be the best suit for you!

Once you buy a plan, a ticket will be raised and our team will allocate the resources to you. We will create users and share their login credentials with you. You can then access the ‘Tally on Cloud’ through the login details.

No, you will only buy the initial license and we will do the installation for you on the Cloud server. You will receive login credentials for the system.

If you wish to change the password for login, you can contact our technical support.

No, you will need to buy the license. We will serve the software to you on the cloud. Buy the license of the version that you want and rest will be taken care of by us!

No, upon login, the Tally software will automatically be launched. You can activate the license using the key that you have purchased. If you need any help with the activation process, our team is there 24/7 to help you.