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HTTPS for Websites – May or Must?

HTTPS is an internet communication protocol protecting websites. One should always protect all its websites with HTTPS, even if they do not handle sensitive information, as it leaves less room for error and gains customers’ confidence.

Importance of a Secured Website

Website security involves protecting any website from unauthorized access and hacking. A website portrayed as potentially malicious or untrustworthy can damage the reputation and credibility of a company.

Why is timely domain name renewal so important?

Domain name is an important selection factor when owning a business. Renewing a domain name is equally important as purchasing one. Here’s what happens if the renewal is not done on time.

Revamp of ENTP Mail

ENTP Mail has improved the user experience by modifying its appearance and features. Revamp of ENTP Mail and the entire admin panel was completed and was launched on February 3, 2022.

Steps to choose a perfect and suitable domain name for your business

The domain name is the best & important part of your business or brand online which can be taken from your logo or business name. Choose your domain name using 4 easy steps.


No-Shave November is all about cancer and cancer patients. It’s about being sensitive towards the solitude of those affected by this deadly disease which most of the time wins against the people who are battling for their life.

Discover Endless Possibilities with .BIZ domain

.BIZ is a common phonetic abbreviation of the word business. Hundreds of our clients have found .BIZ impactful for marketing their businesses online. If you also own a business or if you have guidelines for running a business, no TLD is better than .BIZ.

OVH Data Center Fire

A Massive fire broke out in OVH Data Center in Strasbourg, France on March 10, 2021 resulting in thousands of websites and businesses shutting down.

Startup EcoSystem

Startup is very important part of the current business environment. Considering the fact published by Indian Government, India has 2nd largest startup ecosystem in the world.

Why is cloud technology expected to be the lifeblood of future societies?

Over the years, cloud computing has seen exponential growth. We will now shed a look at how certain industries will be having Cloud as their future.

Top 7 tips to protect your business against ransomware

What is Ransomware? How Ransomware Attacks Work? How to Avoid a Ransomware Attack? What to do in case of a Ransomware Attack?

What is a dedicated server? Easiest explanation!

It is a machine located in a data centre somewhere on earth. It helps you with storage, computation, and any other tasks that you have.

Getting Started with Cloud Computing – Easy Explanation!

To begin, we cannot see this new-‘Cloud’ the way we see the traditional cloud in the sky. It is not a physical entity or a thing, as such.‘Cloud’ is an umbrella term used to refer to a global network of servers.

How To Get Your Website Online: Simplest explanation.

Getting your website online? Are you stuck in the technicalities? Not getting where & how to start? Here is a simple guide to clear your concept.

Top 3 collaboration tools to boost Work-From-Home productivity

Collaboration tools to increase your productivity while you work from home! How do the top 3 collaborative tools will help you work from home.

Profitable blog ideas to start part-time

20 Top Creative Blog Ideas that people love to read. The trending niches to choose from to start earning money through blogging & vlogging in 2020.

COVID-19 Message from Hiren Shah, Chairman, QualiSpace

Dear Valued Customer, During these unprecedented COVID-19 times, my thoughts are with you and your loved ones. I hope you are doing well. The times are difficult. But, if we all come together, we can win this Coronavirus challenge. I feel proud to see the whole world united against a crisis. At QualiSpace, we prioritize […]

QualiSpace ‘Tally On Cloud’ – Tally, anywhere, anytime!

Tally On Cloud helps you streamline the accounting processes.Tally On Cloud is now available with QualiSpace Cloud Hosting and Dedicated Server.

How managed cloud service provider helps you grow a company

Is outsourcing cloud management healthy for your business? 12 benefits of cloud managed service providers explained in a simple way!

Enjoy the Best WordPress Hosting with QualiSpace!

WordPress Hosting – QualiSpace launches a new product! Benefits of WordPress explained. Get WordPress Web Hosting at a low cost in India.

Cloud Storage Security: How Safe Is Cloud For Your Company Data?

How concerned should you be if you are adopting a cloud for your company data? Let’s talk about cloud storage security, backups & server downtime.

Top 6 reasons you should say Yes to Amazon Web Services

Benefits of Amazon Web Services explained in the most comprehensive way! AWS has helped many organizations around the world attain business agility…

How to add security to your dedicated server

Dedicated servers are ideal for running heavy workloads. To know how to add more security to your dedicated server, here are some tips from QualiSpace…

Top 20 Christmassy domains to use this #Christmas2019

With Christmas around the corner, the jingles of the chimes and the tempting fragrance of freshly baked cookies have already filled the air. Marketplaces have started gleaming with the fairy lights dangling on the delightful Christmas trees.  As Christmas fever takes up, the rush towards gift and novelty stores rises. And, so it does on […]

#BlackFriday is on! Flat 50% off on Cloud Server (Biggest Sale Ever!)

Black Friday Bumper Sale is live! Flat 50% Off on QualiSpace Linux and Windows Cloud Server hosting. Get your business online today.

How to choose a Domain Name for your website: A Checklist

Some smart tips on how to choose the right domain name for your website and blog. Register your domain name quickly with QualiSpace…

How to start an online business with a minimum budget

Insufficient funds can no longer hold you back from achieving your entrepreneurial dreams! Here is a comprehensive guide on how to start an online business with a minimum budget.

Top 5 free alternatives for Microsoft Outlook

Top 5 alternatives for Microsoft Outlook that are totally free! Read their detailed analysis and know why are they best for your business and personal use.

Why Indian companies should host their websites on Indian servers?

If you are reading this, chances are, that you are serving as the CTO or an important decision maker of a company, for the decision of hosting your website and are still undecided with regards to the location of your servers. Web hosting is a perishable product, it is marketed aggressively keeping in mind the […]

Types of Hackers in the Tech World- Why is it important to know?

INTRODUCTION Any individual using internet on computer/laptop or a phone is prone to threats posed by hackers. These online criminals use different ways of scamming like; phishing scams, instant messages or spam e-mails to deliver dangerous virus or malware to your computer. They can also try to access your computer to monitor your private chat […]

Why Server Speed is Important for Increasing Revenues?

Faster loading speed and targeted content are vital elements for increasing sales for your business online. A second’s delay in page loading can result in contributing to 10% of page abandonment. If your website takes long to respond, you are literally killing the sales and revenue of your website. Some of the latest surveys show […]

Email marketing in 2018

Have you looked into your e-mail marketing plan for 2018? In case you haven’t started yet, now is the time to start planning if you are looking to run more effective campaigns. Once you have identified your key subscribers, it is up to you to keep up your end of the e-mail relationship. i.e. knowing […]

What’s new in blogging for 2018?

For many bloggers, more readers and more sales are on the top list of things that they want to do in 2018. Keeping up with the growing trends will not only bring more readers to your blog but will also bring in more traffic, bring more customers and earn more sales. If this is exactly […]

Protect your E-Commerce Websites from Hacks and Fraud

Misdoings in the world of E-commerce happens all the time. You have fraud, that stems from people trying to take advantage of your company by completing unwarranted chargebacks, claiming that a product was not delivered, when it was and trying to wrongly claim back the money and keeping the product at the same time. Then […]

Why Data Backups are Important and Essential for every Organization?

Regardless of how small or large your business may be, data is an integral part of running it and what is more important is how you protect and store this data in a secure way so as to avoid any mishaps. When accidents/mishaps occur all of the organizations’ assets will be at risk and can […]

Is Cloud Hosting More Secure than Traditional Hosting?

In the era where everything is so expensive, many businesses are trying to cut budgets and resort to something which does not cut into their pockets as much. Whether you have an enterprise level business or a small and medium-sized business, efficient new ways are a must to manage the businesses web hosting needs. The […]

How to prevent organizational data loss?

Data loss can result in disastrous situations for organizations, it can also result in loss of revenues, irate customers that ultimately hold the potential to damage an organization’s reputation. Today, Data has become increasingly important for all businesses. Data loss, either from a security breach or due to a careless mistake, can be devastating for […]

The X-factor – that investors look for before investing in a business

Investors are looking for businesses that can give them a great deal. It is hard to get through to the investors with a feeble game plan. Investors are looking for companies that will give returns within no-time and yet be radically sustainable. Venture Capitalists are not only looking out for great ideas but they are […]


Own a startup? The set up needs a boost? In the juvenile phases of your establishment, you choose for active investors to back your dreams. You need to define your goals and set a target. How you turn potential investors into actual investors is the key to this. There are startups which are trending these […]

25+ Free tools for Entrepreneurs

Starting, Running or Scaling a business is not an easy task if you don’t have the right tools. It is imperative for every business to be innovative. However, it is difficult for Small Businesses or startups to assign budgets for various tools, which is why we present 25 plus amazing free to use tools to […]

6 Popular myths about cloud computing.

Talking about Cloud myths, I remember when Cloud for first launched, in 2008. I was in the tenth grade when I heard that Google has launched a new platform to develop and host new applications on the Cloud. And I always assumed that this Cloud had something to do with the clouds in the sky. […]

5 Latest Trends in Cloud Computing you ought to know.

After all the buzz about Cloud being the new paramount for businesses, now the aim is to optimize the Cloud in a more efficient way. Gone are the days when technology was just a backend support to keep your technical aspects in place. Today, technology has grown into a powerful tool, driving business efficiency and […]

10 Reasons Why Businesses Should Move to the Cloud

It’s a no-brainer that Cloud Computing has paved way for new opportunities to the large as well as the small businesses. It has enabled businesses to operate and run applications on the internet by eliminating the tedious conventional method of storing data files, running software and other applications on a physical box. But is this […]

What makes cloud the ‘New Normal’?

So, AWS (Amazon Web Service) executive had cleverly predicted Cloud to be the New Normal in the corporate market. With large scale of businesses relocating to the Cloud Suites nowadays, we very well see that it does stand true to the statement and why not? We are at the age of evolution where every minute, […]