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Discontinuation of Reseller Hosting

Discontinuation of Reseller Hosting

1. Why are you closing the Reseller Hosting service?

We are currently restructuring our Hosting and Cloud business and the Reseller Hosting does not fit our business plans. We are committed to provide the best services and by discontinuing the Reseller Hosting service, we would be able to focus more on providing quality services.

2. Cloud Servers are costlier than Reseller Hosting, then why should we opt for Cloud?

Cloud servers are costlier than Reseller Hosting. But the benefits it provides are tremendous.
i. Cloud servers have their own operating system. Also, having your own operating system provides you more security as your cloud is isolated from others.
ii. Cloud servers get dedicated resources. It means you don’t share the resources with other customers. This automatically results in the improvement in performance of your websites.
iii. In Cloud server you can set your own limits like how many emails a domain is allowed to send daily, how much email storage you assign to the email users, provide more CPU, memory and disk I/O to the websites you host on the cloud (For CPU, memory and disk I/O limits, you need CloudLinux license and is available for only Linux)

3. Can I host my websites on Shared Hosting instead of Cloud?

You can host websites on Shared hosting server if they are low traffic websites or websites with limit resource requirements. However, you will need to buy individual hosting packages for the websites. The Startup and Enterprise Hosting plans allow to host 5 websites with one primary website and the remaining 4 as add-on domains. However, the websites hosted on these plans need to be related to each other and not for reselling. For example, your customer has a parent company and various subsidiary companies each having its own website, you can host these websites on Startup or Enterprise plan. But you cannot host websites of different customers in the same plan. Also, the resources in these plans are shared by all the websites hosted in the server which might affect the performance of the websites if any one website consumes more resources.

4. How will you refund the money paid by me for the Reseller Hosting?

If you opt for Cloud or individual Shared hosting for each website hosted in the Reseller plan, we will adjust the annual billing against the refundable amount which will be calculated on pro-rata. If you wish to move the services to another provider, we will refund you the balance amount calculated on pro-rata either in your bank account or add it as credit balance in your QualiSpace clientarea to utilize the same against new invoices of other services that you purchase from us.