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6 Popular myths about cloud computing.

6 Popular myths about cloud computing.

Talking about Cloud myths, I remember when Cloud for first launched, in 2008. I was in the tenth grade when I heard that Google has launched a new platform to develop and host new applications on the Cloud. And I always assumed that this Cloud had something to do with the clouds in the sky. Maybe the data has some intangible bridge to the Cloud, until I got acquainted with the world of internet. It was then I realized that Cloud is a new technology that enabled people to access data from anywhere anytime through the internet instead of limiting access to their desktops.

Time flew by so fast and today Cloud is a big giant in the technology influencing IT industries and other businesses. With Cloud computing gaining more and more popularity, there are also certain myths looming in the air about the Cloud which is distracting businesses from embracing this new change and curbing them from the future progress.

So, let’s take a sneak peek into what these myths are…

Cloud is Fully Automated

Yes, undoubtedly the Cloud infrastructure is fully automated when it comes to provisioning services and managing the IT workloads. However, managing the entire process as well as the tools involved entails a certain level of human expertise as well.

Cloud saves Money

One of the reasons to adopt cloud can be saving money but besides that, there are many other reasons like better accessibility, ease of management, timely upgrades and monitoring that are also some key attributes to consider moving for Cloud computing.

Moving all the data to Cloud makes life easier

Cloud is not an all-around resolve for all your problems. In some cases, your physical box might be the most ideal solution for your business website. Therefore, be well aware of your needs before dumping all the data into the Cloud.

Virtualization is the key to victory

Virtualized server or the Cloud offers more flexibility and enables you to finish your tasks more efficiently than you could have on your own dedicated server. But that’s not enough to make your business thrive. Your success is totally dependent on your efforts and on how well the automatization of managed infrastructure is operating.

Cloud providers can pry on my data

Major Cloud providers allow the customers to handle their own encryption key to secure the data as well as limit access to data or applications. All the data stored in Cloud are separated into small chunks also called ‘Sharding’ which are encrypted and stored in different locations. This means even if a provider tries to access your data it will be in bits and pieces.

No Cloud means you are out of business.

Cloud is not meant to determine your business journey. It is a tool which eases your business journey and not a tool that runs your business. Opting for a physical server over the Cloud doesn’t make it a bad choice. If your current solution helps you with the brewing data demands, then it’s ideal to stick to your legacy servers. Remember, Cloud is not the ultimate key to success.  

So, these are few of the many popular myths about Cloud computing that refrains businesses from adopting Cloud services. If you too are prey to such myths then, I hope that after reading this blog, you will get more clarity in making the right decision for your business.