The Art of Email Marketing simplified

Having an online presence, owning a uber-cool website and good products aren’t going to be sufficient to get your business thriving. That’s when the life-saver comes in- Marketing! And marketing is not just a single chapter of a book, it can be considered as an entire book in itself. Marketing is what brings your website to the limelight, it also helps you reach across millions who might be looking for something similar to what you have to offer. The truth be told, there might be others who would be selling the same stuff that you are, but your marketing strategies are what would set you a class-apart.

There are many forms of marketing, traditional form of marketing, social-media marketing, digital marketing, affiliate marketing…etc, you name it. But here, we would take a look into the intricate world of email marketing. The recent years have seen a rise in the use of email marketing to generate more traffic to the website and to increase the number of customers. Let’s take a look at what norms to follow in email marketing and what makes it one of the most-convenient forms of marketing in the present market scenario.

Here are the norms to follow while opting for email marketing-

How it begins- build your mailing list
Email marketing begins with acquiring details of the customers and caters to the present customers while aiming at new ones. You have to begin with an email subscribe option on your website that is visible. You can acquire plenty of details from here. Also, many a times people who are on your website would enter all their details and abandon the cart before making the final payment. These are the vulnerable ones whom you can bring on board with some efforts. These details can be used to reach out to them and convince them to make that very purchase which they had wanted.

Freshly made Content-
In case you are wondering why your newsletter or emails fail to garner the kind of response you were looking for, stale content can be the cause of this. Your newsletters should be infused with fresh content that can hold the customer’s attention and intrigue him enough to come and take a look at your website and even make a purchase if he likes what he sees. So, newsletter with good and new content are capable of enhancing your customer following.

Use links to build “links”-
You can insert links in your email’s content which on clicking would bring your customers to your website and prompt them to take a look at what you have to offer. These links can be easily incorporated into your newsletters wherever you wish for it to appear. The CTA link on your newsletters can act as a catalyst in getting your sale finalised. So, link with a large variety of audience with these tiny links.

Attractive appearance-
Anything that is pleasant to the eye, makes its way to our mind and is retained there. So, appearance does count here. Your newsletter should be visually appealing. The first look at the newsletter would be the dealbreaker here. If the customer finds it attractive, a good sale can be predicted for you. So pay attention on the visual aspects of your newsletter.

Target the right crowd-
You can target the right kind of crowd with your email marketing and reap the benefits of it. You should create separate groups because every emailer wouldn’t suit everyone. You can definitely upsell and cross-sell but sending an emailer of a particular product to a customer who is nowhere close to using that product would be irrelevant and a waste of time.

Here are the why’s for using email marketing for your business-

Cost-efficient mode of marketing-
Just so you know, email marketing is one of the most cost-efficient form of marketing. Unlike digital marketing, you wouldn’t have to pump in any kind of money in this process. It is a really inexpensive way of publicising your company. You wouldn’t really be investing the kind of money that was required by the traditional marketing methods. Not only is this an easy way of reaching out to people, but also the right way of utilising your time. You can reach a really large number of people at almost a millisecond, almost “zero” delivery time.

Reaching out with ease-
With email marketing you can reach out to the masses. And when we say masses that actually indicates an extensive number of people beyond boundaries! You can send them out at a go and they would reach their destination with a fraction of second.

Saves time-
Here, you won’t be wasting any time, not a single second. You can send these newsletters to plenty of people at the same time. Imagine how much time and your efforts would be saved. You won’t be going door-to-door and giving out flyers to explain your product or whatever offers you are currently running, all you have to do is make a pretty and detailed newsletter and send it out to your customers and your target audience’s email ids.

You can also be a non-techie-
You don’t need to be an expert techie to begin email marketing. There are plenty of software programmes available on the internet that would help you in this process.

So, if you aren’t one of the email marketing pros, it’s high time you hop on the bandwagon and start your email campaigns with a vengeance!

Abiwaqas Ansari
Abi Waqas is the backbone of technical support as well as system team at QualiSpace. His role is to handle all the crucial escalations, track consumer queries ensuring complete user satisfaction. He is also responsible for maintaining and monitoring the technical stacks. Abi Waqas is a passionate technical wizard and loves to explore everything technology. Connect Abi Waqas on LinkedIn