The Best WordPress e-Commerce Plug-ins For Your Websites

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What started its journey as a Blogging Platform, is now one of the world’s most sought-after platforms for creating a perfect e-Commerce site. You can definitely make a wild guess regarding what I am talking about. Anyone with a desire to launch their very own e-Commerce site would hit the bull’s eye while guessing the answer to this query- the best platform for building your own e-Commerce site is- WordPress. Unanimously, people have agreed to this notion after testing and trying it and the results it yielded are more than satisfactory. Just for the sake of dummies out there, who are wondering how does WordPress help build these e-Commerce websites, I would very clearly chalk out the basics for the same. Well, WordPress offers these Plug-ins that let you build your site with ease. So basically, these plug-ins are what you are supposed to look out for. To add more to your already confused state of mind, there is not just one plug-in that is meant to help you build your perfect shoppe, there are plenty of these plug-ins to choose from. Choosing a plug-in that is perfect for converting your normal website into a grand digital shoppe poses a dilemma similar to a tempting choice between taking a well-deserved nap on your weekends or going out with your besties for a Sunday brunch! So, what I am trying to tell you here is, there are plenty of plug-ins in the market, and the burden of choosing the right one falls on your shoulders. And we are here to help choose the right one!

The market is flooded with such plug-ins, and your job is to find the right one. We have comprised a list of certain really great WordPress plug-ins, which with a “swish and click” would present you with a fully-developed digital e-Commerce website, you may bookmark it if the need arises.

WooCommerce, developed by Woothemes, is one of the most popular and widely-used WordPress plug-ins throughout the world. There is an extensive variety of add-ons and plug-ins on WooCommerce. It is one of the powerful plug-ins that would help transform your ordinary website into a money-minting e-Commerce site. Also, it is equipped with a great collection of themes and extensions that you can make use of as per your heart’s content. Personalize your website using these features and add your personal touch to your e-Commerce venture, make sure that the time you invest in the building of your site is worth your while. One look at it and you should heave a sigh of relief that whatever you envisioned has manifested itself in the way you wanted it to be.

Easy Digital Downloads– It is one of the most-opted plug-ins if one wishes to sell digital goods online. It doesn’t believe in the additional stuffs that usually accompanies a plug-in. It is simple, lightweight, and easy-to-use and since it doesn’t contain the unnecessary add-ons, it deals easily with the selling of digital goods without any hassle. It prefers to stick to its core features instead of dragging itself down with the weight of unnecessary features. So, if you are aiming at creating an e-Commerce website that caters to digital goods, this is the one for you.

WP e-Commerce, is the second-most popular plug-in with around 2.7 million downloads. This plug-in allows you to customize HTML and CSS which would in turn let you personalize your eStore. No matter what product you intended on selling, the WP e-Commerce Plug-in would let you streamline your checkout process in such a manner that your conversions would increase manifold! It is not without upgrades and different features. You can definitely modify your eStore with the different upgrades that WP e-Commerce has to offer you. Go boost your sales with this plug-in.

The next in line in the list of the best and useful plug-ins is none other than the Jigoshop. Jigoshop has to its credit a download count of around 3,00,000! So, here’s the yardstick to measure its success. Jigoshop has some really simple yet great features that makes it more convenient. It is loaded with more than 30 themes that would let you create your dream shop. Think about it, everything would be at your fingertips.

..and here comes MarketPress. It is one of the most efficient plug-in that is available in the market. Since it does not have any other add-ons it fulfills the purpose with which it was designed- that of providing the users with a hassle-free shopping cart experience. According to its creators’, WPMU DEV, MarketPress is “the easiest to use, best designed and most powerful e-commerce/shopping cart plug-in available for WordPress today.” So folks, you can hear it right from the makers, it has its creators’ themselves vouching for it.

The next plug-in that people usually opt for is the iThemes Exchange. The perfect blend of simplicity and power. This powerful plug-in is destined to simplify your entire process of building an e-Commerce website. You shouldn’t be appalled to know that, iThemes Exchange has to its credit, a decent download of around 14 thousand! It enables you to create the perfect e-Commerce site by eliminating all the unnecessary paraphernalia, and simplifying the process. The entire process is very simple, all you have to do is follow the three major steps- 1. Install,
2. Activate, 3.Select your favorite payment processor, add products and start selling- And viola!!! Your website is ready to sell.

So folks, you are now armed with the most dangerous equipment that humankind can ever possess- knowledge! So when you are deciding on which plug-in to use while developing your e-Commerce website, your future money-minting factory, keep that smart head firm on your shoulders and think which of these above mentioned plug-ins would suit your needs. We did our bit of empowering you with the newest head honchos of the market and the rest is your burden to bear. Things can surely be undone but at a great cost which you wouldn’t be keen to bear. So make the right choice and keep your future money right where it belongs- with you of course!

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