Why having a business website is important for your business?

Every business owner has a goal to succeed, get his products to more and more people, increase sale, and get maximum market exposure. Despite the rising penetration of mobile phones and increasing mobile and e-commerce, a lot of entrepreneurs view their business as an offline entity and rely on traditional routes to grow their business and win new customers.

Online Presence

As per a recent study by KPMG, India has close to 51 million-odd Small and Medium Businesses (SMB’s). Of this almost 68% are offline; the study also suggests that SMB’s grow twice as fast as compared to ones offline.

Today, when most of the information is being accessed and consumed online, for a business to not have a website or some sort of online presence can be considered risky or unviable.

Customer convenience:

Your business website can go miles in helping you win more customers by providing them easy access to the relevant information at the right time. A big reason to have a website is to make your business accessible to your customers whenever they need it.


Today consumers buy products both online and offline but they certainly do a lot of research and study about their product online. The majority of the consumers are influenced by information made available to them online and hence, having a well-laid out website that aims to give them all the information they are looking for in the most convenient manner.

Remember: With your website, your consumers are making a decision as to whether they will visit your store, restaurant or office.

Builds trust:

In the minds of your consumer, the existence of your business is certified by your online and social media presence. It is a definite must in an industry where your product is technical in nature and you need to give detailed information to the customer. Hence you guide them to a website page.

Amazing tool for retargeting/repurchase:

Repurchase or repeat customers varies from industry to industry. For e.g. in consumer electronics, it is many years while in retailer it is few months on average. Having an updated website can help businesses in retaining their customers by updating them with new launches/offers and more.


Active consumers are actively talking about their experiences with a brand on different Social media channels. They post pictures, check-in, write reviews and use many other forms to express their opinion. Such behavior from your loyal customers can attract plenty of new eye-balls who want to know more about your business. In such instance, a business website helps satiate the requirements of your new audience.


Running an e-commerce business is simpler than ever. Many traditional businesses like global retail giant Walmart, have turned to e-commerce to cater to the digital audiences. With cloud hosting technology, business owners can look at starting slow and expand capacity to cater to increasing traffic on the website.


By now we know that “No website means losing business” making it imperative. Whether you are one man show at business or hundred employee team, not having a website can no longer be an excuse. Having a simple, professional looking website is enough to start and realise its benefits.

Talk to our experts to take your business online. Our customer support team is qualified to guide and assist you through the domain, hosting, website security requirements of your website.

Jui Shirvalkar
Jui manages the content marketing strategy at QualiSpace. An IT Engineer by education and a writer by passion, she has been in the field of content and digital marketing for the last 2 years. She is a tech enthusiast and always keen to explore the newer sides of technology. Connect  with Jui Shirvalkar on LinkedIn