How can Twitter help brands?

Businesses and Brands often find it challenging to find the right way of leveraging twitter. Most brands often find Facebook to be the only apt platform for their brand. Brand marketing managers face challenges such as How to engage? How to increase followers?

In this article, we aim to answer these queries and more. But first, let’s understand why should Businesses be using Twitter?

According to the Twitter’s about page, as on June 2017, there are more than 328 million monthly active users on the platform. These numbers suggest that there are a healthy number of your potential customers active on the platform, which you can attract, engage and even sell to.

With millions of tweets being exchanged each day, it isn’t impossible to sell on twitter. Though the frequency of sale would vary it is indeed quite possible to induce purchase in a 140-character message.

The biggest challenge for people on twitter is not be lost in the oblivion of billions of tweets. With so many people tweeting, It is practically impossible to be at top of news feed all the time. But fortunately, twitter users can search for a particular brand’s tweets, its account basis the interest, location, events, topics, etc.

Before you begin to tweet, develop a strategy for the platform. For every brand, not necessarily 20 tweets a day is the right approach, it might just be wasted efforts. Development of twitter channel takes time and it is not a magic platform to go from Zero to Million over night. It involves a lot of research and engagement. If you think you aren’t the kind of person who could do it. You might want to hire a social media manager to devise, execute and monitor the right strategy for the platform.

Mentioned below are some tips to grow twitter as your marketing channel

1. Complete twitter profile

What do you do? The About Section? Where are you based? Your profile needs to answer all the questions. If people find it difficult to understand who you are, they would not want to follow you. Complete your profile so that people can find relevance and have reason to follow you.

2. Use Twitter Tools

Twitter’s comprehensive search option allows searching for exact words or phrases. With this search tool, brand managers can engage in conversations or identify trends for future campaigns. Use and search of Hashtags is another way of reaching out. Tweetdeck is free to use twitter tool that helps you to stay on top of things.

3. Identifying Target Audience

Every market you work in has a demographic of customer you want to reach. Creating a list of people you want to reach helps you to focus on engaging with these users, following them, and give them a reason to get back to you. Prepare your list and update it regularly, as it is handy to go back to — especially if you are running marketing campaigns and want to reach out to specific people for feedback.

4. Engage with people

This is a HUGE part of what Twitter is about. Like any social network, it is all about engagement. You can keep throwing things at Twitter all day, but if you’re not trying to get involved in conversations with people, then your tweets might just go unnoticed.

5. Stay active

You are liked only if you are the talk of the town. It is important to be active all the time, the more interesting stuff you publish, the more often people visit your profile.

6. Embed your twitter handle

You need to market your twitter activity on other platforms and your business website is the first place you start. Embed your twitter handle in the social section of your website, let your website visitors know of your presence on the social media platform. If you decide to be constantly active, you may also consider having a live preview of your tweets on the website.

7. Use trends

You can utilize the trending conversations to insert your tasteful comments, opinions, etc but you should not spam about it. Interacting with individuals who are actively participating in trending topics might be better for engagement, but again, be smart about who you choose who to start conversations with.

So there you have it. If you’re wondering how to get more Twitter followers, follow these 7 tips and watch your following grow. Oh, and be wary of services that are willing to sell you, followers.

Nupur Chauhan
Nupur is the Manager- Marketing & Sales at QualiSpace and spearheads the Sales and Marketing operations in harmony. Her role involves strategizing and implementing sales, marketing, and product development programs. Nupur also supervises the marketing strategy to meet the market trends and developments in the industry. Connect Nupur on Linkedin