Cloud computing predictions for the year 2016!


It is that time of the year again, where your email boxes, web pages, and print pages are filled up with different lists of predictions for the year 2016. There has been no dearth regarding cloud computing, digital business and big data predictions for the year 2016, and many of them are really captivating. Rather than adding another article to the public sermon, here’s one simple and unpretentious prediction on cloud computing for the year ahead.

A hearty thanks to the cloud! There will be many things in future for the people to do that they simply couldn’t do it before. They will be able to test, experiment, pull data and applications from many portals and sources and much more. The cloud is creating a niche for a flexible assembly model, not only to knock into the past tech reserves that other establishments have made but also to enable them to renovate their business models rapidly.

The Internet of Things (IoT) space is the area where cloud is really laying a fair groundwork for innovation. The Industrial Internet Consortium handles various testbed projects and launched many projects over the past year with the help of cloud computing. Product design is another suitable area for innovation, and the cloud is playing a vital role here as well.

With the help of cloud computing, work like mechanical design, software design, the design of electronics, sensors, and connected ecosystem of services and applications has been improved. Development with 3D printing, laser and plasma material surfacing is increasing digitization of many processes, and all of this is possible due to cloud computing.

Mostly in all these industries and organizations the innovation potential and possibilities go on and on. It is a vicious circle. With cloud computing, innovation can be accomplished rapidly, and that too in a very economical way. Digitally, it is very economical to fail, however, it may sound humorous and amusing to write but cloud creates a proper niche and a necessary platform for failure possible.

Nitesh Shah
Nitesh serves as the Sr. Technology and Systems Head at QualiSpace with an extensive knowledge of technology. He oversees the infrastructure of technical operations, keeps track of the entire technology as well as the IT team to achieve targets. As a technical head, he is also responsible for eliminating security risks, enhancing user experience and maintaining operations and systems.