Continuos Data Protection (CDP) Services at QualiSpace

For the full month of April, our focus is on CDP as what is the biggest headache of any Business? We asked this question to a group of people. Most of them said Data Security. Aren’t they right in saying so? We all have to agree that Data Security is the critical aspect of any business. Imagine what will happen if the Finance Data is suddenly deleted? Without a proper backup solution, the situation would be out of control. So, what is the need of the hour? Obviously, it is a proper backup policy in place. Since Ages, businesses have been following traditional ways to back up the critical data. Even today many companies follow the age old Tape backup policy.

Aamir Shaikh
Aamir is a Product Associate with keen interest in technology and computing. He is responsible to bring fresh product ideas to the table through market research and analysis. Aside from that he also undertakes product training for the sales and support team. Aamir is a pure techie, passionate to find solutions and has rich problem-solving skills. Connect Aamir on LinkedIn