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You must be wondering what is the exact relation between these two words, ‘cyber’ and ‘squatting’ right? The word is very much prohibited in the cyber world! Cybersquatting means registering, selling or using a domain name with an intention related to profit maximization from the goodwill of other trademark businesses.

Cybersquatting would make unnecessary profits, and have a one-sided advantage over other online businesses in terms of revenue from advertising. Hence, to prevent these obvious unethical sources, there are anti-cybersquatting laws in line. These laws were introduced to protect a person to obtain domain names that are identical to a brand name or a trademark. This legal act and legislation gave the target or victim the power to sue that particular crook of this task.

Cybersquatters have marked a black spot on the domain investing, powered by the fury of media that usually frame out the high-profile cybersquatting cases. As an outcome, people often get confused about the legitimate domain investors with unpleasant internet investors.

Many law-abiding residents have developed feasible businesses by selling and buying non-trademark linked domain names. Domain investing in geographically or generic based domain names is perfectly respectable. Domain investors must frequently review the value of their holdings in contrast to the cost of domain renewal fees.

Knowledgeable investors work hard to monitor and analyze global trends along with customer patterns to make gainful financial selections with their domain name portfolio. Hence, all the honest domain investors should look forward to avoid any legal trouble and legal malpractices. Domain investors should be sure about their knowledge and they should be well versed in all the relevant laws and regulations.

These laws and regulations include the WIPO regulations, ACPA, and policies of the ICANN, i.e. Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers. By respecting these intellectual laws and avoiding any domain names that might be connected to any big name or trademark, domain investors will develop a reputation of reliable and ethical. Try to avoid costly litigation throughout.

Nitesh Shah
Nitesh serves as the Sr. Technology and Systems Head at QualiSpace with an extensive knowledge of technology. He oversees the infrastructure of technical operations, keeps track of the entire technology as well as the IT team to achieve targets. As a technical head, he is also responsible for eliminating security risks, enhancing user experience and maintaining operations and systems.