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Why Data Backups are Important and Essential for every Organization?

Why Data Backups are Important and Essential for every Organization?

Regardless of how small or large your business may be, data is an integral part of running it and what is more important is how you protect and store this data in a secure way so as to avoid any mishaps.

When accidents/mishaps occur all of the organizations’ assets will be at risk and can become forever damaged or compromised. Not only that, data compliance auditors will also see if the managers have ensured that the data is safe and protected and see if their data backup plans are in place. If not, they can be made to pay heavy fines for the same. Also, the loss of business data can end up costing the organization a lot of money. To ensure that valuable data is secure from theft, damage or loss, businesses rely on online data backup for protection. One type of back up is not enough to ensure the security of the data.

Let us give you an overview of the different types of backup methods available, so you can pick and choose depending on your business needs. The different methods to back up your data are Full Backups, Incremental Backups, Differential Backups and Virtual Full Backups.

Full backup

A full backup typically occurs automatically according to a pre-set schedule and stores a copy of all files. These files are usually compressed to save space; however, they still may take up a lot of space despite being compressed. Restoring a file requires only the file name, location of the file and date from which you want to extract the data.

Incremental backup

Incremental backups restore only the files that have been changed since the last restoration session and save a lot of space that way. The advantage of incremental backup is that the about of data backed up is much smaller and saves more space.

Differential backup

Another type of backup is the Differential Backup which is almost similar to incremental backups. The only difference is that each backup operation stores the new and updated files since the last full backup session.

Virtual full backup

The last type of backup is Virtual Full Backups, where a database is used to track and manage backed up data, which helps avoid some of the pitfalls of the other methods of backup. This is usually done automatically.

When you are deciding to avail data backup for your organization, the question is not what type of backup is to be used, but rather when to use each of these backup methods and how each of them must be combined with testing to meet the overall requirements of the business.Testing validates if the restoration or backup actually works.

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