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Discover Endless Possibilities with .BIZ domain

Discover Endless Possibilities with .BIZ domain

Every day there is a new TLD being released in the market. However, due to the popularity of .COM, .Net and .ORG, these new domain names have remained sort of obscured.

Want your business to stand apart from your competition? .BIZ top-level domain not only helps you drive competitive advantage but also helps you reach a wider client base.

Let’s dive in to know more about the one of the most registered nTLD.

What is .BIZ?

.BIZ is a common phonetic abbreviation of the word business. Hundreds of our clients have found .BIZ impactful for marketing their businesses online. If you also own a business or if you have guidelines for running a business, no TLD is better than .BIZ.

It is short, simple and attention-grabbing. For the businesses associated with the entertainment industry, .BIZ domain extension is a boon. If you too want a catchy URL for your business, register .BIZ domain today!

Unlike other domains, .BIZ is location independent, you can use it in any corner of the world.

Let’s see who can utilize .BIZ domain:

  • Corporations & Companies
  • Start-ups, SMEs, Businesses
  • Sales & Marketing Bloggers
  • Business mentors & consultants
  • Businesses connected with entertainment


Introduced in 2001, .BIZ is one of today’s most trusted top level domains meeting the highest security standards. In a crowded digital landscape, .BIZ stands out as the highly memorable, accessible and global domain that means business. The barriers to creating a digital presence are lower than ever before and businesses of all kinds are growing online with .BIZ. The future of business is here and .BIZ is trending up.

.BIZ presence in professional world

There’s never been a better time to do business online. Millions of business owners are coming to this realization every day. They’ve dedicated themselves to crunching the numbers, pounding the pavement and studying the market all in order to better serve their business. As they prepare to take that leap, .BIZ is their domain of choice.

The barriers to creating a digital presence are lower than ever before and in this wide-open digital world, .BIZ stands out as the sensible and accessible choice. For any business looking to establish themselves and start growing online, the future of business is here and .biz is trending up.

Reasons to believe .BIZ?

It’s Trusted

Introduced in 2001, .BIZ is one of today’s most trusted top level domains, used by millions of businesses worldwide.

It means Business

The .BIZ domain is highly memorable and stands out in a digital landscape filled with more common domains.

It’s Versatile

.BIZ is the web address that grows with you, supporting businesses of all shapes and sizes, in every corner of the world.

It’s Dependable

With a .biz, you can rest easy knowing your new domain meets the highest security standards.

Out of all the other three-letter domain extensions, .BIZ domain is one of the most unique. .BIZ is simple, short, and easy to remember. It can stand for professional things. Since .BIZ is universally understood across all industries, languages, and geographies, anyone in the world can register

.BIZ. Whatever industry your website falls under, a unique domain extension like .BIZ will set your website apart from others.

Search for the name and register a domain for the good future of your business!

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