Effective Ways Of Protecting Your Website From Intruders

Protecting Your Website From Intruders

Trespassing on someone else’s territory is not a new trend. People have been doing it for ages. The only marked difference is that instead of doing it on someone’s private land, people have started encroaching each other’s cyber spaces. Despite this being in vogue from times unknown, we still haven’t figured out why do you eye someone else’s possessions? Why is there a need to harm the individual to such an extent that it might spell doom for them? Well, let’s just say that no one, including the most-learned psychologists can explain why a person acts the way he does! Well, that’s something that we can talk in lengths about some other time. Today, you can brush up your knight armour, and guard your website borders with the below tips.

People who intend to encroach your website won’t be satisfied at just entering illegally. Utter destruction would be their only motto. No matter what your website caters to or how big your online business venture is, hackers or malwares that threaten your security are to be taken very seriously. Once your website is threatened, hacked and your customer’s information is misused, no matter how much you try to rectify it, your customers won’t forgive this. There are more than a cent percent chances that you might lose them and this would spell the end of your business. So why not prevent the disaster before they even plan it out against you.

Be Alert: You can prevent a lot of mishaps just by being informed. So you can avert the disaster without pressing the panic button. All you have to do is keep yourself or let’s say your website updated. You have to keep your website update from a reliable system. The more you keep track of your website’s updates, the more safe you are from the hackers lurking around. The Website that hasn’t been updated yet, is a sitting duck for such snipers/hackers.

Back Up Everything: People would always have a duplicate of their very important documents. Your website’s data is similar. You would want your data duplicated or in this case, let’s just say you would want all your data backed up. Whatever you do on your website, whatever data you have acquired over a period of time, back it up. In short, have backups for everything that you do. So even in the worst circumstances, the hackers would be at bay but still your data would be protected!

Limit your Interaction: Interaction is always fun. But when it would endanger yours or your customer’s security, the fun would soon turn into frolic. Many a times, different websites encourage their visitors to share their data or upload their work, however if you don’t have an efficient security team working at your end, you would end up opening door to a flood of problems. They might endanger you since you are inviting people openly into your system. So limit the fun by letting your visitors view you.

Use Different Security Measures: You should never leave your possessions unprotected, the army doesn’t leave the nation unprotected. The country has an infantry, a navy and airforce, three major forces are constantly at work to protect the nation, similarly, you have many such security arsenals at your disposal. You have the SSL, the Web Application Firewall, that would very efficiently guard your website against hackers lurking at the borders, trying to find a loophole somewhere so that they can barge in on you.

Update Passwords: We keep changing the passwords for our social media accounts every now and then. The same thumb-rule has to be followed here as well. Keep changing your password for the website server, your admin panel and your databases. Use all that you know, uppercase, lowercase, numbers, special characters, everything. Complicate it as much as you can! But also keep changing it at regular intervals.

Experts to your Rescue: Last but not the least, if you think you aren’t up to the mark, hire someone with the expertise to look after your security concerns. Better take precautions instead of being vulnerable to the different threats that storm the internet every now and then.

It’s a common knowledge that if you wish to protect your personal property, or whatever is valuable to you, you would go to any lengths to protect it. Your website, your online business venture is not less valuable than your other investments. Have you heard people saying, “a stitch in time saves nine”, let me summarize the situation for you. If you take timely measures to protect your beloved website, you are assuring your future self a good night’s sleep. Your precious life won’t be marred by the constant worry of your website being attacked in the middle of the night. So, people, do the necessary work, take the essential measures and secure your website from intruders as soon as possible.

Nitesh Shah
Nitesh serves as the Sr. Technology and Systems Head at QualiSpace with an extensive knowledge of technology. He oversees the infrastructure of technical operations, keeps track of the entire technology as well as the IT team to achieve targets. As a technical head, he is also responsible for eliminating security risks, enhancing user experience and maintaining operations and systems.