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Email marketing in 2018

Email marketing in 2018

Have you looked into your e-mail marketing plan for 2018? In case you haven’t started yet, now is the time to start planning if you are looking to run more effective campaigns. Once you have identified your key subscribers, it is up to you to keep up your end of the e-mail relationship. i.e. knowing the best frequency and what to include in every e-mail. We at Qualispace are concerned about your future and growth and have brought together a few pointers and practical suggestions that can help you raise your conversion rates. Read on to know more.


Headlines matter a lot! It is something that catches the recipient’s eye at the very start, something that recipients use to decide whether or not they want to even open your e-mail.

Generic subject lines are very common, and chances are that the recipient won’t even open the e-mail and see all the valuable information that you have to provide.

Subject lines must be short, precise, to the point, content specific and something that may convince the person to open your e-mail. Discounts on the subject line may not be a good idea because that way your customers will get used to the discounts and will never pay full price for your product or service.


Experts say that video has engulfed a huge percentage on the internet, about three-quarters of internet usage is now on mobile platforms and that means that it is very likely that all the people reading your email are doing so on their smartphones. If you are using mobile-optimized templates, small details like fitting the font, reducing the copy and clearly seeing the call to action button are taken care of very easily.

Optimization is not hard to implement and is very important if you want your subscribers to read and act on your emails.


Sometimes it so happens that the subscriber opens your email but does not find what they are looking for. What smart retailers do is create a menu on top of each marketing email for the subscribers who might be interested in something else and can shop for what they want directly from there, this way even if they opened the email with an intention of viewing what was in the subject line and something else caught their eye, they can still shop, making it easier to keep their attention.


How many times must you email your clients? That is a vital question you should ask yourself. You can decide the frequency of your emails depending on your business, industry and how often your competitors e-mail their subscribers. According to research, one email a day is the correct frequency of sending emails to your subscribers.

If you send too many e-mails, you might run the risk of looking like a spammer and being flooded with emails is something that nobody wants. Having said all of this, you may still have to do research on your competitor’s marketing campaigns.

These strategies will help you revamp your email marketing campaigns to focus on your best customers and will make it easy for them to know what you’re sending them, will help them read it on their mobile device and shop directly from your messages.


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