Extended Server Management

Hardware failures
We provide 100% hardware replacement SLA for the server for life. In case of any hardware failure, QualiSpace will provide replacement hardware free of cost. The hardware replacement guarantee is 4 hours which means the failed hardware will be replaced with a new one within 4 hours from the time of diagnosing the exact hardware issue. In case of a failure of some hardware component like Hard drive or RAM or power supply, we replace the same with new ones. In case of multiple hardware failures, we replace the old server with a new server. The customers are expected to have a complete backup of the server data to avoid any case of loss of data resulting due to the hardware failure. In the case of where customer has opted for Backup Solution, our backup specialist will help customer to restore the data back to the new server.

Network related issues
We guarantee up to 99.9% Network uptime SLA and any downtime more than the 0.1% during the month will be credited to the customer subject to the claim received by the customer. However, this credit does not apply in case of downtime due to unavoidable events like Act of God, war, riots etc. Also, SLA Credit is not available to Customers deemed in “Poor Standing”, as defined in the QualiSpace Master Services Agreement. The Network issues are limited only to the router and the switch used for the server. It does not include issue with the NIC of the server or incorrect duplexing set by the Customer in the NIC of the server.

Security Updates and Patch Management
We install all the latest security patches for the operating system and other software as and when available. We send an email to the Customers to confirm the schedule for the installation of patches and updates. It is recommended to install the patches as soon as they are released since the vulnerabilities found can be exploited by hackers to gain access to the servers.

Ping Monitoring
We provide free Ping Monitoring service for the server. The server is pinged every 5 minutes by our Monitoring system and an alert is sent to the customer whenever there is a downtime or connectivity issue.

Monitoring up to 5 services
We provide free monitoring up to 5 services for your server in our monitoring system. The services we monitor are mentioned below.

  • CPU load
  • Memory Usage
  • Disk Usage
  • Http
  • Smtp

If any customer needs any other service except the ones listed above to be monitored or needs additional service to be monitored, he/she can send an email to support@qualispace.com.

Free One week System Admin help
We provide free one week System Admin help for your dedicated server to ensure you can smoothly put your server for production use. The one week system admin help is valid only for the first week from the date of the server delivery. You can opt for the free system admin help to setup the QualiSpace supported software in the server to prepare the server for production.

One hour walk through of the server
Upon the delivery of the server, the customer gets a call from one of the L3 engineers to schedule a walkthrough of the server. According to the agreed schedule, the L3 engineer provides information about the server and information of how to manage basic tasks in the server. This helps the customer to ensure he gets well acquainted with the server and does not have to rely on QualiSpace at latter stages while bringing the server into production use.

Monthly Server Performance Report
We provide monthly server performance report for your dedicated server(s). This report includes the server uptime for the month, the average CPU load, the average memory usage and the total data transfer utilized by the server. It also provides report of the state of the monitored services throughout the month. This report can help you to plan any further upgrades whenever necessary. This report also makes sure that you know the health of the server and have peace of mind.

Setup of supported software
We help setup the following software in the server.

Operating Systems

  • Windows 2008 R2
  • Windows 2012 R2
  • CentOS 6.x
  • Cloudlinux 6.x
  • CentOS 7.x
  • CloudLinux 7.x

Web Servers

  • Apache
  • IIS

FTP Servers

  • MS FTP
  • PureFTPD

Mail Servers

  • Smartermail
  • Exim
  • Postfix

DNS Servers

  • MS DNS
  • Bind

Database Servers

  • MS SQL
  • MySQL


  • ASP
  • PHP

Control Panel

  • Plesk
  • cPanel


  • Proxmox

OS Hardening
We harden all the dedicated servers before delivering to the customer. This is to ensure that the server is very well secured before putting it into production use. We are passionate about server security and our aim is to provide a secure server for the success of your business.

Windows Hardening
Before bringing any server into production, we perform the OS hardening of the server. This ensures that the server is well protected and secure once it is live. The document containing the details of the server hardening can be obtained from this link.

Linux Hardening
Before bringing any server into production, we perform the OS hardening of the server. This ensures that the server is well protected and secure once it is live. The document containing the details of the server hardening can be obtained from this link.

Troubleshooting Website Issues
We help in troubleshooting issues with the websites hosted on the servers. The website troubleshooting involves checking the errors displayed on the website and resolving the error by either making appropriate changes in the server or suggesting fix to the customer. We don’t directly check the code of the website or fix the code ourselves. We provide suggestions to the customers on how to fix the code. Typical examples of website issues are:

  • Directory permission issues
  • Missing components
  • Syntax errors

Troubleshooting Email issues
We help in troubleshooting various email related issues in your server. We help in recognizing the exact cause of email issue. The most common email issues are listed below

  • Email problems due to IP blacklisting
  • Incoming Spam
  • Virus infected emails
  • Email delivery delays
  • SMTP and POP services are down
  • SMTP Authentication issues
  • Email Delivery failures

Troubleshooting DNS issues
We provide assistance to resolve DNS issues which may be the reason for issues with the website accessibility. Common DNS issues are:

  • Incorrect DNS records
  • Incorrect SOA record
  • No Parent host record
  • DNS Recursion attacks
  • DNS Zone issues

Troubleshooting FTP issues
We provide assistance in troubleshooting various issues related to FTP in your server. A few common FTP issues are listed below:

  • FTP does not connect
  • Uploading Error
  • FTP timeout errors
  • Directory listing issues
  • Uploading speed issue

Troubleshooting Control Panel issues
We provide assistance for troubleshooting various control panel issues. It covers the troubleshooting of the errors of the control panels installed by us. It does not cover the errors in control panels not supported by us or installed directly by customers. Common control panel errors are listed below:

  • Website creation issues
  • Email account creation issues
  • FTP creation issues
  • Database creation issues
  • Websites getting stopped
  • Errors in creating Packages
  • Errors while upgrading websites.
  • Errors while installing third party packages supported by the control panel.
  • Control panel software upgrade errors
  • Service Plan synchronization errors in Plesk

Restoration of Backup from Backup server
In case of customers who have purchased Backup solution for their servers, we offer free restoration of data from the backup server. We can restore individual files/folders from backup server on customer’s request as well restore the entire server from the backup server in case of major issue with the server or server/drive replacement.

Restoration of Backup provided by the Customer
We restore the data or database provided by the customer in the server. For this, the customer does not have to buy backup service from us. The customer can provide the backup of any data or database and we will restore it for him/her. The only pre-requisite is that the customer should give us the complete steps to restore the backup along with the location where it has to be restored.

Free Antivirus Protection
We install the Microsoft Security Essentials in the Windows server which acts as an antivirus/antispyware protection for the server. Each Linux server comes with Clam Antivirus.

Nitesh Shah
Nitesh serves as the Sr. Technology and Systems Head at QualiSpace with an extensive knowledge of technology. He oversees the infrastructure of technical operations, keeps track of the entire technology as well as the IT team to achieve targets. As a technical head, he is also responsible for eliminating security risks, enhancing user experience and maintaining operations and systems.