What are the most frequently asked questions our web-hosting customers ask?


Selecting a new web host can be a tedious experience. A depraved web hosting company can be a terrifying practice for website owners. Poor customer service, downtime, and lost files can all work to disrupt your online business. Fortunately, there are some questions asked to a web hosting company that may help narrow down your choices. To weed out the one that are difficult and might not deliver the level of service you expected, then read out the following questions frequently asked by customers in web hosting industry:

How long have you been in this particular business?
A new web hosting company will often offer impressive deals and take out banner ads to attract new customers. However, the lack of professionalism and experience of a new company can harm your own business image online. If as a customer you cannot find a start date or anything on the company’s history page or on about us page never hesitate to e-mail them and ask them about their company.

Do you have tech-support available 24/7?
Find out if the tech-support is actually there for your company around the clock by asking pointed questions. There are many web hosting companies who claim that they are available 24/7, but this isn’t always true. The worst situation is to have a website that is completely down on a Friday night and dead till Monday morning. So that means you have lost traffic to your site for complete two days. It is not good for your business.

How many customers are on each server?
Try to favor the one that has the least number of clients per server. Too many numbers of customers on a single server can be the root cause behind the slow website.

What is your notion towards handling site security?
You as a customer should inquire about the backend security of your site. You have to ask whether other people hosted on your server can access your files at any point time. You need to understand basic security terms, like SSL and Firewalls to make sure that they are not bluffing and your website is secured.

What is your clarity regarding spam complaints?
Understanding the terms of service procedure will ensure you not to run into a situation where the hosting ends abruptly. Spam is irritating to everyone and it is the last thing you will ever do via your website intentionally. But what if someone forgets that they signed up for your e-mail newsletter and accuse you for spam? Will your hosting company allow you a chance to clarify your side? You should ask them!

Try to figure out the uniqueness behind a web hosting company. They should have a clear picture about why you should choose them over others. Features like strong uptime records, excellent customer service, or even the discount and offers matters. Ask them and see what kinds of interesting responses you get.

Abiwaqas Ansari
Abi Waqas is the backbone of technical support as well as system team at QualiSpace. His role is to handle all the crucial escalations, track consumer queries ensuring complete user satisfaction. He is also responsible for maintaining and monitoring the technical stacks. Abi Waqas is a passionate technical wizard and loves to explore everything technology. Connect Abi Waqas on LinkedIn