The Handbook To Success- Featuring Our Quality & Support Personnels!

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Every organisation has various elements that function in harmony to let it ace the race to the top. Whatever position the company acquires; whether it scales upwards or takes a nosedive, the responsibility is shouldered by the various entities working tirelessly towards taking their company’s position a notch up.

QualiSpace comprises of such different departments that work hand-in-hand mercilessly to zoom past their competitors and carve a place for themselves on the Domain-Hosting Platform which has been our prime focus since the very inception. Every department has their own stories to tell, and in this series that we are bringing out for our readers, you would get an opportunity to get a glimpse into the world of our Technical Support team.

The Technical Support Team is a tiny universe in itself with so many elements buzzing around to get oodles of work done in real time! The Tech Support Team doesn’t function erratically, it has certain quality norms that every member of the team has to adhere to. These quality norms, when followed with great gusto results in bringing customers onboard and also guarantees unwavering customer loyalty.

In the series that we are about to bring out, you would be familiarised with the various quality norms that guide the various Tech Support activities, be it callings, mailings etc. Every activity that takes place has as its base, a set of etiquettes, that everyone has to remember without fail. Our Support Diaries would introduce you to the various intricacies of how the tech support system works and which are the guiding principles of these activities. Also, we would like our readers to get acquainted with the success stories of our Tech Team. These would be the stories of our team members who went an extra mile to help our customers in their times of distress. These people are the ones who let their precious coffee go stale, who work beyond their shift timings to help resolve a customer’s issue, who derive satisfaction when they successfully enable their sleep-deprived customers to have a good-night’s sleep. They are the ones who deserve to be applauded for the effort that goes into the building of an army of loyal customers!

The purpose of this series is to let you take a peek into the hustling world of our Tech Support Team and also, this series is an ode to those members of our team, who ditch the clock, work tirelessly without creating a ruckus about it and at the end of the day wear a contented look for having successfully served their purpose for the day!

So, being the avid reader that you are, you can add our Support Diaries to your “to-read” list!

Abiwaqas Ansari
Abi Waqas is the backbone of technical support as well as system team at QualiSpace. His role is to handle all the crucial escalations, track consumer queries ensuring complete user satisfaction. He is also responsible for maintaining and monitoring the technical stacks. Abi Waqas is a passionate technical wizard and loves to explore everything technology. Connect Abi Waqas on LinkedIn