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How Businesses Can Benefit From Growing Internet Base in India?

How Businesses Can Benefit From Growing Internet Base in India?

A recent survey stated that the number of internet users had grown exponentially and the numbers keep on rising.

According to them, about 306 million users accessed the internet through their phones in India in 2015. The ease of access and the lower price has spurred a growth in the number of internet users in India.

Businesses are enjoying the advantages of this trend and ensuring that they are able to make the most out of it while the time is right. With this internet boom, the number of investments and startups has increased, and the number of internet users through the phone is expected to reach thousands by the year 2020.

By the year 2015, India had the third largest number of internet users in the world, led by China with about 600millino users. Very soon, India will cross the USA in term of internet users. However, the gap between the businesses and the masses is quite large, and as the gap narrows down, users will be able to enjoy the true benefits of the internet. The small and medium businesses are the ones who are lagging behind. With proper education and awareness, they will also be able to join the e-commerce trend.

E-Commerce and India

E-commerce is the new trend among business houses and enterprises. It has enabled businesses to grow and emerge as market leaders. The internet has enabled businesses to transcend the geographical barrier and reach out to every potential customer.

Various companies have been trying to assist the small businesses in adopting the internet in their businesses such as Google. Google has been educating the businesses on different kinds of tools and ways to adopt the trend. With the help of such internet giants assisting the businesses, they can surely grow.

Their program has seen some result as quite a number of businesses have taken their business to the online world. With the increasing presence of such enterprises and the success stories of such businesses, more businesses would likely be a part of the online businesses.

Internet users Impact

This huge number of internet users will definitely play a big role in changing the commerce of the country. With a larger number of people getting easy access to the internet they can reach out and enjoy the benefits of online shopping. Currently, urban areas are not the only places where online shopping is popular. Rural areas too have their fair share of internet users, and where normal businesses are unable to expand, online shopping is becoming popular due to the convenience and the wide range of choices. Even small businesses can expand to these rural areas with their quality product and enable the people of those areas to enjoy the benefits of the increasing e-commerce.

Internet is growth

Increasing number of internet users means the growth of the countries online-based businesses. With the help of the government, better internet facilities can be provided to the people of the country. By improving the internet infrastructure, decreasing the price, creating policies for businesses to adopt the internet for their benefits, reaching out to the rural areas and improving their policies, the government can make sure that the country is advancing in the e-commerce segment as well. The list if not exhaustive and there are lots of ways to improve the framework of the internet policies and online businesses.

With an increase in the internet user base, the businesses can make use of the opportunity to invest in the online business and capture the attention of the modern population who are addicted to online shopping. The traditional way to conduct business is not enough to stay in the competition and to get an edge one needs to modify and adapt to the changing situation.

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