Know the types of Cloud Storage


Cloud storage has flourished a lot in the past few years and has become a necessity to many for individual and company use. Files are being moved to the cloud everyday by organizations and businesses.

For many of you who don’t know what cloud storage is – the storage of data online wherein it is accessible from any locations along with data backup and strong protection without the fear of data being lost.

Cloud is also available in different types depending on your individual or company needs. If you want to take up a cloud storage you can choose one of the following choices:

1.Public Cloud Storage:
Public cloud storage is one which allows individuals and organizations alike to store, edit and manage edit. This type of cloud server is accessible over the internet on a basis of a free or pay per use model.

2.Private Cloud Storage:
Private cloud storage also known as internal cloud storage is mostly used for storage within the organizations. It is owned and managed by a single organization and not publicly accessible. Only to be used within the company.

3.Personal Cloud Storage:
Personal cloud storage is a service in which a storage space is available on the internet for individuals to store their personal files, photos or videos. The data is easily accessible by the individual anywhere and anytime.

4.Hybrid Cloud Storage:
Hybrid cloud storage is a combination of public and private cloud storage where some of the resources or data are managed in-house along with others resources provided externally.

Cloud storage provides various options to meet the needs of both individuals as well as enterprises. It is proving to be a helpful tool to the tech savvy world. The options available help you to select the storage of your choice according to your needs with a large amount of storage space.

Aamir Shaikh
Aamir is a Product Associate with keen interest in technology and computing. He is responsible to bring fresh product ideas to the table through market research and analysis. Aside from that he also undertakes product training for the sales and support team. Aamir is a pure techie, passionate to find solutions and has rich problem-solving skills. Connect Aamir on LinkedIn