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November is here. That reminds us of a trend that has been followed for several years now. Yeah, you guessed it right, ‘No-Shave NOVEMBER’. Guys get ready to put down your razors and trimmers. Let your beard and moustache grow as wild and big as possible, flaunt it proudly. This fad has been escalating year after year. Social media is lit up with guys honing their handlebar moustaches. Brands pay a tidy sum to bearded models. But if we think about it, is a beard and a moustache essence of masculinity? it’s assumed to be, isn’t it? Without knowing the whole idea, guys just tend to jump in. It’s a mere dilemma that not shaving for a month is just a trend to flaunt a fully grown beard and moustache. Beard grooming speciality salons and shops are doing sales, giveaways, coupons and everything imaginable to promote this fad. Everyone is ready to spend lavishly to groom their beards and moustaches, without blinking.

We all know WHAT No-Shave November is, only a few know WHY.

Reality check of No-Shave NOVEMBER

The truth is No Shave NOVEMBER is neither about beards nor masculinity. In fact, the whole notion of not shaving is light years away from the craze of social media banter that we come across. You heard it right. it’s not about standing in front of your mirror, gazing continuously at your beard for hours at a stretch and looking at how long it has grown, honing out the edges of your stache, putting supplements to have a perfect beard.

In reality, No-Shave November is all about cancer and cancer patients. It’s about being sensitive towards the solitude of those afflicted by this deadly disease which most of the time wins against the people who are battling for their life.

Back in 2009, Chicago based Hill family started No-Shave November as a campaign to raise awareness and funding for cancer prevention, research and education.

Can you imagine, cancer patients getting excited for any grooming products or supplements that are introduced in the market every other day to make those black, brown or sometimes grey strands on your face look prettier and shinier. Where we spend ravishingly on grooming, cancer patients struggle with complete hair loss. Because of the chemotherapy, patients have to endure one of the worst treatment side effects of all time; partial or complete hair loss; eyebrows-gone, handlebar moustache- only nude lips, long beautiful hair-complete baldness. The mission of not shaving for a month is to save all the money that you spend on grooming that moustache and beard and donating your savings to the fund raisers.

By being a little sensitive, a little aware and a little empathetic about the plight of people afflicted with cancer, if we can be of any minute help then why not. Because we ought to help where we can. This is what NO-SHAVE NOVEMBER is all about.

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