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Other Paid services

Other Paid services

While we provide a large number of managed services in our Extended server management plan, there are a few things which are not a part of it. These services are covered in our other paid services plan. These services are charged at the flat rate of Rs. 999/- per 30 minutes

Some of the services under Paid services are as follows

1.      Installation of third party packages

We help in installing third party packages like ffmpeg in your server and add-on modules for control panels. Our expert team reviews the requirement and will accordingly confirm if the required software/package/add-on can be installed on the server or not. Once reviewed, we send you the exact schedule and time frame of the installation and create a ticket on your behalf for the same and up on receiving the confirmation from your end, start the installation.

2.      Removal of IP address from Common RBLs like Spamcop, Spamhaus etc

While we provide email management under Extended Management plan, the removal of blacklisted IPs from RBLs like Spamcop, Spamhaus etc. are not covered. The removal of IPs from the RBLs is a paid service and is charged at the rate of Rs. 999/- per RBL.  Along with the removal, we also help in finding the exact cause of the IP blacklisting and suggest steps to prevent.

3.      Creation of additional rules in Firewall

If a customer has opted for a Firewall for his server, we help in opening the required ports on the server according to the list provided by the customer. Any additional rule to be added in the Firewall later is charged at the rate of Rs. 999/-.

4.      Re-installation of server

Re-installation of the server except due to hardware failure is charged at the rate of Rs. 999/- per 30 minutes of re-installation process. It is expected that the customer has taken all the necessary backups of the data to restore before sending a re-installation request. QualiSpace does not take any responsibility of data loss due to re-installation. The re-installation of the server involves only the operating system re-installation. If the customer wants us to re-install all required software on the server, the charges applied will be Rs. 999/- per 30 minutes of installation process.

5.      Password recovery

If the customer forgets the password of the server and wants to recover the same, we help them for the same. The charges for the password recovery is the same i.e. Rs. 999/-.

6.      Website Creation in server

We don’t create websites on Customer’s server in any of the management plan. However, a customer wants us to create websites on his/her server; we can do it for a charge. The customer has to send an email to sales for website creation request and the sales department will revert with a quote.

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