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Protect your E-Commerce Websites from Hacks and Fraud

Protect your E-Commerce Websites from Hacks and Fraud

Misdoings in the world of E-commerce happens all the time. You have fraud, that stems from people trying to take advantage of your company by completing unwarranted chargebacks, claiming that a product was not delivered, when it was and trying to wrongly claim back the money and keeping the product at the same time. Then there is identity theft, where there is a deliberate use of someone else’s identity usually as a method to gain financial advantage. You might think that you have a sale, but actually is another person who has stolen the credit card information from someone who does not know that his/her card is being used for a transaction. And then there is hacking, where some of these criminals steal all of your personal information from your company, like for instance your database of customers and other things.

We at Qualispace have compiled a list of tips that you can use to safeguard your online business and secure your customers’ information.

  • PCI compliance must be maintained

Don’t just sign up for a regular shared hosting server, opt for a server that provides e-commerce hosting solutions. E-commerce hosting providers usually are PCI-DSS compliant. Complying with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard should be an automatic feature of every e-commerce hosting platform.

  • Demand strong passwords

If it is possible to create an account on your website, you should set up some requirements for the passwords. The password should contain at least 8 characters, should consist of letters and numbers, should consist of both upper and lower-case letters and must contain special symbols. Keeping the hacker in mind, it is harder to crack a phrase than it is to crack a word, hence asking your customers to use passphrases instead of passwords is more advisable.

  • Use Encryption

When you transmit confidential data between your website and the browser, the communication should be encrypted. Not only to protect your business and your customers but to show the customers that your site is safe. Use Secure Sockets Layer) (SSL) or, even better, Transport Security Layer (TSL) to ensure the best protection of your customers’ data. SSL/TSL certificates are available online which can be found at cheap prices.

  • Choose the right e-commerce platform

Once you’ve decided to take the leap into the world of digital selling, the next big decision you must make is figuring out which e-commerce platform is right for your company. Putting your e-commerce website on a platform that uses a sophisticated object programming language can secure your platform to a great extent.

Our Offering 

At Qualispace, we offer security solutions for our customers like no other. SiteLock, which is one of the most powerful and most-opted solutions for web security can be set up using Qualispace. All you have to do is, log in to your QualiSpace account, and click on SiteLock. Click Launch next to the account you want to use, and then provide the requested information.

There are plenty of hackers that are waiting to catch you off-guard, for which we have security tools that are at your service. Our SSL certificates validate your website’s identity and encrypt the information visitors send to, or receive from, your site, thus making it much secure.

Another security tool that we have to offer is CodeGuard. It provides an automatic website backup solution that monitors your website and database regularly. On detecting changes, it will notify you backup your website.