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Startup EcoSystem

Startup EcoSystem

Startup is very important part of the current business environment. Considering the fact published by Indian Government, India has 2nd largest startup ecosystem in the world.

Bangalore, Mumbai and NCR top startup destinations with over 65% of the total Indian startups. Domain name plays a very important role in this Startup EcoSystem. The government of India has recognized 41,061 startups so far. More than 39,000 of which have reported 4,70,000 jobs creations, according to the Economic Survey 2020-21.

Under Startup India program, government recognizes such initiatives and help them develop and nurture. This is done by providing Tax Benefits and assisting in showcasing their products and services to get funding.

What role does a domain name play in Startup?

Take an example of Oyo or Flipkart or Ola or Zomato… All these Indian startups have made their place in people’s mind. A well thought domain name has played a very important role in helping these startups to cement its place in people’s mind.

Along with a product/service which helps a society, domain name is equally important for such start ups. Here is how to choose a domain name for your website. Consider registering .CO domain name for your start up. You will need a domain name which is publicly available to register and legacy domain name extensions like .com, .net would already have been taken.

You can learn here how to get your website online.

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