Things To Know Before Booking A Domain

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Anything in the world, right from the smallest bacteria to your favorite Bollywood actor has a name attributed to it. Imagine being stuck in a world where people do not have names, but are known as Mr. 520110 or Miss. 775065. Imagine our confusion! Similarly, the virtual world is nothing different. Every being on that plane has a name allotted to it. Every website that has a space to it on the Internet has a particular name by which the rest of the world knows it. This unique name is called a Domain. This Domain Name would be your identity to the rest of the world. Your customers who are online would look you up with the help of this particular name.

So, the basic factor while establishing your business online via a website is to get yourself a unique Domain Name. Having a business is like having your own child. You name it, you nurture it and then you expect it to flourish and reach its full potential. So when you have a website and wish to register a Domain Name, there are many factors that are to be considered. Unlike your baby’s name, you can definitely have a patent right to your Domain Name.

Here are some factors that you would want to consider before booking a Domain –

Choose a Crisp and Simple Domain Name
Before booking a Domain, when you are at the stage where you are brainstorming for a perfect name, make sure you select a name that is short and simple. It can also be trendy but the entire point of having a Domain Name is for the customers to remember it. If it’s crisp and simple, people can easily remember you and look you up with ease. Also, choose a Domain which is more relevant to your business.

Make Your Domain Name Expressive
If you are still on the way of becoming a big brand, make sure that the Domain Name that you choose would convey to the people what exactly you wish to convey. For example, would tell you that the website deals with books that you can buy or read online.

Make it Long-Term
Your domain name would be your online identity and this would be how people would know you. So why not make it long term. You can register your domain name for a longer period as it would set you free from the hassle of renewing your Domain Name every now and then and at the same time the registration costs would be comparatively lesser. As per SEO research by many organisations, a Domain that is registered for multiple years rank much better in Search Engines.

Multiple TLDs
You should try to register your Domain for multiple Top Level Domains (TLDs) if you wish to target audience across the globe. Multiple TLDs will help in increasing authority of your website for a particular country. Also, your website can rank more in Search Engine Result Page (SERP).

Choose the Right Registrar
There are many service providers on the internet that provide domain registration services but many of these aren’t ICANN accredited. It is always advisable to select a service provider which is ICANN accredited and offers reliable services. This is done mostly when you opt for combined deals, the most common among them being Domain Name registrations and Hosting packages.

Agree to Domain Privacy Protection
The WHOIS database is public and can be accessed by everyone. So you can therefore enable the privacy protection which would keep your contact number, your email id and the rest of your personal details out of public glare.

Buy the Domain immediately
When you think of a domain name, register it as soon as possible! If it’s available, buy it, because the very next second it might not be available. Grab it as you think of it.

Expired Domains
While buying expired Domain Names, you have to make sure that it was not penalised by Google. Also, it is advisable to check whether it was banned by Google Adsense. Make it a point that you do a thorough check of the Domain Authority (DA), the Page Authority (PA) and the PageRank. When you are buying an expired domain , you can check the website’s archive for the past five months or so. This would help you  to determine whether the domain was booked for spamming.

So , the next time if the thought of booking a Domain crosses your mind, make sure you consider all of these above factors before diving in!

Nitesh Shah
Nitesh serves as the Sr. Technology and Systems Head at QualiSpace with an extensive knowledge of technology. He oversees the infrastructure of technical operations, keeps track of the entire technology as well as the IT team to achieve targets. As a technical head, he is also responsible for eliminating security risks, enhancing user experience and maintaining operations and systems.