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Top 20 Christmassy domains to use this #Christmas2019

Top 20 Christmassy domains to use this #Christmas2019

With Christmas around the corner, the jingles of the chimes and the tempting fragrance of freshly baked cookies have already filled the air.

Marketplaces have started gleaming with the fairy lights dangling on the delightful Christmas trees

As Christmas fever takes up, the rush towards gift and novelty stores rises. And, so it does on the internet. 

To drive competitive advantage and attract more customers, you will have to embellish your online store just as vibrantly. You will have to make your customers feel the Christmassy verve. 

It’s time to decorate our online world with the Christmas spirit!     

Well, you can try to curate better content and alluring graphics. But, there is something that your customers see even before they visit your website. The first impression caster!

That’s right! – The domain name of your website. 

Here are some eye-candy domains that can add festivities to your website.  


Lighting is the name of Christmas! It symbolizes the triumph of Spring and warmth over the Winter and Cold. Christmas trees, households, stores, restaurants…, every corner of the street starts sparkling with pixie lights and glee. The aura of the fully decorated Christmas tree creates a magical ambiance. Even on the shrubs, windows, and eaves, we can see the spring of lights. 

Indubitably, this festival also boosts up the sales in the market. It is the perfect time to take your offline business online. Whether you sell fairy lights, wiring, electrician services, decorative strings, tree toppers, fragrant candles, or you have a seasonal business of aesthetic lighting arrangement, .LIGHTING happens to be the perfect domain for all your needs. 

If you already own a gift shop online, you can create a separate section for the lighting-related stuff using .LIGHTING. 

Photographers specializing in capturing the play of light and the darkness can also flaunt their Christmas lighting captures using .LIGHTING. 

Bloggers and vloggers who feature Christmas home decor ideas in their blogs can also use .LIGHTING. 


Can we mention Christmas without saying anything about gifts? That will be a felony! 

Right from the first Christmas ornament for the baby to the sweaters for the elderly, everyone deserves a gift from Santa. 

If you sell gift items in your store, it’s time to sell them online and let the world find them out! And, for this, no TLD can be better than .GIFTS.  


During Christmas, the first thing kids look after waking up are gifts from Santa under the Christmas tree! For all the parents, nanas and granddads being Secret Santa to the children, it is quite a task to find the perfect toys in the supermarkets. Standing in the long billing queues makes it even more cumbersome. 

For all the toy manufacturers and sellers, it is a great chance to help the parents by saving their time and efforts. When you sell the toys with .TOYS extension, parents will know that you have the toys that their children want.    

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Sending Christmas cards to relatives and friends updating them about all the lovely things that happened during the year is a long-established tradition. With the rise of the e-mail system, many companies have started designing digital greeting cards. If you have a (hard-copied) greeting card business, think of taking it online and building a delivery system. .CARDS will make your work easier. It will also save the characters in the domain name.  

Also, many families have a Christmas tradition of playing cards. So, the card games selling companies and resellers can also grab this opportunity to sell them online using .CARDS.


When families get together, games and fun are a given. Board games like a business, outside sports equipment like football, hoops, etc. are perhaps the first ones to get sold during the Christmas season. 

Many PC gaming, LAN gaming, video gaming, and mobile gaming companies also create games with a Christmas theme. Screen or no-screen, .GAMES is an apt choice if you want to sell games online. 


Christmas, followed by the new year, calls for a vacation. Many families take their children to a fun trip. Travelling to islands and other warmer places are the most favored options in such frosty winters. 

Therefore, .VACATIONS appears to be the ideal TLD for the tours and travels companies, camping clubs, trip organizers, farmhouse owners, lodging services, adventure sports centers, hikers, car rental services for road trips, airlines, group tour managers, cruise rentals, travel bloggers, etc. 

7 .Holiday

If .VACATIONS doesn’t fit your choice, don’t worry. You can choose .HOLIDAY. Both words are just playful differences between American and British English usage. 

Whether you are a blogger writing about various staycation ideas, or you are a holiday planner, .HOLIDAY can serve your purpose. 


One of the inseparable parts of Christmas is the mulled wine. Spices, lime, berries, and dried-fruits in wine seems like the perfect Christmas. With the goodness of nourishment, it has become synonymous with Christmas.  

Undoubtedly, it is the large-profit-margin season for the wineries and vineyards. If you decide to promote your winery online, the margin would be even higher. .WINE is the perfect TLD for connoisseurs, sommeliers, vendors, bloggers, wine tasters, bar chefs, and anyone who is associated with wines. The occasion of Christmas is the best time to take your wine-related business online.


Whether you are a kid or an adult, everybody loves to party on Christmas day. Cookies, Cinnamon rolls, plum cakes, wine, and a zesty feast on the day of Christmas makes it even enjoyable.  Snowflakes dancing outside the window while the folks performing skits inside, can any scenario be more cheerful than this? 

This is the season when the party planners can earn more bucks. And, .PARTY helps with that. Also, event managers, suppliers, caterers, decorators, bloggers, party idea vloggers, party game manufacturers, invitation card designers-printers, and anyone who is associated with this chain can use .PARTY to promote their businesses online. 

10 .FUN

Food, music, games, events, skits, gifts…, Everything about Christmas is fun! 

Whether you own a gift shop, or you sell artificial Christmas trees,  .FUN is your gateway to the online marketplace. Christmas village items, Christmas-tree decorative material, family games, happy hours at the restaurant… anything related to Christmas can be sold online with .FUN.  


Nothing brings a good family time like Christmas. Children get holidays from school. Adults take leave from the workplace. Many people like to stay home and celebrate Christmas family-style. Some families like to go on trips and spend quality time together. Christmas dinner, making cookies and hot pretzels, decorating the Christmas tree and the Christmas village, boosts up our bond.  

If you specialize in family-style shirts that say Queen-King-Prince-Princess, selling them online with the .FAMILY domain looks perfect. Anything that gives fun time to families, and helps them rekindle their bond, deserves a .FAMILY extension

12 .LOVE

Need the relation of Christmas and Love to be explained? The emotion of love resides in the core of the notion of the festival. 

Whether you sell greeting cards or gift-wrappers, you are selling the envelopes that hold affection. Then, why keep it limited to your neighbourhood? You can embrace .LOVE website for your business and spread the warmth of love in the whole world. 

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Going to the Church on Christmas, crowding with the loved ones in the pews and singing Christmas Carols is one of the best feelings. The beautifully decorated Church adds the colors of festivities. Skits, choir, charity, and other religious programs at Churches across the world are the highlights of the Christmas. 

When the celebration is so grand, there needs to be an easy way to convey the information to the community. What could be a better option than a website? And, what could be a better TLD than .CHURCH? 


Whether you talk about your faith in Santa or your faith in the almighty, Christmas is the symbolization of the divine conviction. We celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, the Son of God. 

.FAITH enables you to spread the strong message of faith and humanity to the world. To do the holy thing, why miss the occasion of Christmas? NGOs, Churches, Religious bodies, bloggers, and other associated individuals can use .FAITH to promote the paradigm of humanity. 


Many organizations such as NGOs, Churches, etc. seize the opportunity of Christmas to promote  Charity. Anyone running a fundraiser for the needy can promote the cause using .CHARITY. Also, the C-suite organizations can use this domain to separate their CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) section. 


Christmas and shopping go hand in hand. Rush towards supermarkets and Gifts, clothes, decorative material, wrappers, novelty, etc. 

Christmas is the best time to take your business online. Whether it is a retail store or a supermarket, .SHOPPING stands as the perfect choice to attract more and more customers.   


With the shopping season on, many supermarkets and retailers flash special discounts on the products and services. .DISCOUNT is the perfect way to attract a buyer’s attention. 

Retailers, salons, wholesalers, designer studios, supermarkets, restaurants, service providers, tours and travel companies, food sellers, etc. can host the special dedicated section for discounts with .DISCOUNT.


If .DISCOUNT doesn’t suit your needs, .DEALS can be a great trade. Also, you can use it throughout the year to showcase your seasonal deals. 

19 .SALE

If both of the above TLDs are not impressing you, here is yet another domain that can help you promote your sale and drive competitive advantage. 


Christmas is all about the joy of giving! When we make someone smile, multiplied joy comes our way. Celebrate your #Christmas2019 with this incredible feeling. Spread joy in the lives of needy and light up their lives. 

.GIVES is not just for NGOs, churches, or social workers. It is for anyone who wants to make the world a better and happier place!

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The world is already flooding with millions of websites. To stand sui generis in the competition, you have to be the one of a kind!

So, it’s time to deck the halls!

🙂 Merry Christmas! 🙂 

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