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Types of Hackers in the Tech World- Why is it important to know?

Types of Hackers in the Tech World- Why is it important to know?


Any individual using internet on computer/laptop or a phone is prone to threats posed by hackers. These online criminals use different ways of scamming like; phishing scams, instant messages or spam e-mails to deliver dangerous virus or malware to your computer. They can also try to access your computer to monitor your private chat conversations or worse, they could lure you into giving away your personal or financial information. A hacker is capable of doing a variety of things that could affect you personally as well as monetarily without your knowledge or consent, therefore it is advisable to educate yourself about the types of hackers in the tech world. Read on to learn about the different kinds of hackers and their distinguishing features.


They are newbies in the hacking world and don’t really care about stealing money or doing any harm to anyone or any organization. They only copy and use it to create a virus and never usually hack for themselves


They are computer security specialists who break into protected secure systems to test and assess the security and in turn use their skills to secure the system even better by exposing vulnerabilities even before malicious hackers can detect them. Basically, White hat hackers are ethical hackers and are the good people of the hacker world and help people and companies secure their computers better.


Now, these are the real criminals of the online world! And they are the ones you hear about on news, trying to steal a ton of money or successfully already have. These hackers find loopholes in banks and other big organizations who have a weak security system and break into them to access financial or confidential information which is vital for that organization, only for personal gain.


Grey hat hackers don’t steal money from an organization like the black hat hackers, neither do they help people and organizations like the white hat hackers, though they might deface a website for fun sometimes. They spend most of their time only playing around with systems for fun without actually doing anything harmful, but most of this kind of hacking is done illegally and is therefore considered a crime. Most of the hacking world is comprised of such hackers.


They are the newbies of the hacker world and are still learning but are interested in becoming full blown hackers. They are often found bombarding forums asking various different types of questions to the experts and when answered, often listen with childlike curiosity.


If script kiddies start to take revenge, they will be known as blue hat hackers. They will target anyone who has angered them and will seek vengeance. Most blue hat hackers are new to the hacking world and are similar to green hat hackers, the difference being that they do not have any desire to learn.


Red hat hackers are similar to white hat hackers but are even more strict. You can call them the police of the hacker world. They put a stop to the criminal activities just like the white hat hackers do, only in a much scarier way! Instead of reporting a hacker, they directly shut them down by bombarding their computers with viruses and destroy them from the inside out. These hackers use aggressive methods to completely destroy the black hat hacker’s device.

Hopefully, this has given you an insight into the complicated world of hacking. Now that you are aware of the different kind of hackers, it will be easier for you to identify and take the required action. Qualispace provides you with a number of security services that keep hackers out of your business and personal life. For more security information and solution, visit our website: QualiSpace.com

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