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Steps to choose a perfect and suitable domain name for your business

Steps to choose a perfect and suitable domain name for your business

Do you think it is harder for you to name your kid? Or there is something else, which is more difficult to name upon or choosing the best possible combination of alphabets?

Well, the later one is more difficult to choose as for choosing your child’s name, you can look after your favorite TV-shows, movies, literacy characters or some historical figures but for the choice of domain name, you need a better inspiration. You need to be sure about the uniqueness of your digital baby as there should be no repetition.

How you will decide, what exactly a good domain name is?

In case you need something easy, memorable, as well as brand-able for your visitors or people to type or pronounce then you need to consider the similar thoughts. It is a better option for you to avoid long, overly specific words.

By the help of following these guidelines you can be able to drive more and more traffic for your website. There are few factors that you need to consider while making a decision of choosing your domain name.

But first understand why a domain Name Matters a lot for your business or Start-Up?

The domain name is the best & important part of your business or brand online, this can be taken from your logo or business name. It is something which can put your customers off and they will likely go to another place. If you make sure that your domain address or name is proper, accurate & fun-loving in daily use then you can have better initial impressions for your visitors or people that matter to you the most.

But it is not easy for you to change the domain name once your website is ready and online. One can change the domain name, but it is time taking & comes with various consequences. You may lose your traffic with unnecessary downtime.

You can take your time and choose a perfect domain name right now, so that you don’t need to face any issues in the longer run.

Choosing your domain name with 4 easy steps:

One cannot tell any difference between a right or wrong domain name for the specific business website, but you can go after the process of best possible selection with careful observation and rightful selection.

These are best practices to go after:

#1 Select one or more than one keywords for your site

You can have multiple ways to begin your process of generating ideas as far as your domain name is concerned. One can make the business name or logo as a base for creating a domain name but at the same time, you need to include some ingredients of strong keywords for getting an effective domain name. By using the keywords in your domain, you can make smarter decisions for your business in terms of SEO. A great SEO can deliver you many amazing benefits for generating more & more traffic towards the website and thus help you to rank better in search engines.
The steps to find keywords for your domain-name is very much similar to the process of finding keywords generally for the website. You can utilize tools like KWFFinder, Google-Keyword-Planner etc.

#2 Using Domain Name Generator to generate more options for your domain

After shortlisting a few keywords from the keyword researching tools, you need to find out ideas to get an effective domain name with the help of some special tools that can be used to generate domain names. If you go through the process of choosing a domain name by yourself then there might be some issues that you need to face as some names can be already taken.
With a professional domain name generator (Domain Wheel) you can provide yourself tremendous help in the form of brainstorming some key suggestions that are available for the purchase.
Just visit any domain generator website & then enter your preferred keyword into the search box. You can have different variations in your choice, if you don’t want to go further with the same keyword then you can change your keyword and then find out some more ideas & keyword suggestions. Take your time & come up with some strong options at the end.

#3 choose a domain name as per the simple criteria

After narrowing down or shortlisting the domain names, you are now done with the process of selecting your preferred domain names. After that, it is an important process for you to choose a great domain name from the range of shortlisted domain names in terms of making the decision easier.
You can pick a domain name that is:

  • Clear & Concise
    Long or confusing domain names can be very much harder to cognize or remember and also easier for others to mistype.
  • Memorable & creative
    Being creative & memorable with your domain name can let you read or pronounce it easily. You need to avoid the numbers or any kind of special character as it can be a little confusing while discussing or spoken aloud.

    At the end, make sure to consider domain-name’s top-level-domain or TLD. This is the end part of your end like: .com, .in, .org, .net etc. Many businesses consider ‘.com’ as the most preferred choice because it is easy to remember and widely used by many.

    But you can also choose a domain name which is associated with TLD other than ‘.com’. You can let search engines geo-target the websites based upon some specific regions of domains like ‘.ca’, ‘in’, ‘.au’ etc.

#4 Now it is the time to register your domain name

Once after setting the right combo of keywords, TLD, and domain name, the next thing to do is to purchase your final domain name. This step depends on the hosting provider you are using. While signing up for the best possible hosting plans, you can buy a domain-name at that time also. Additionally, you can also purchase it dedicatedly by a separate registrar or a hosting company.

After you are ready with the sign-up process for your preferred web-hosting account, you can have the choice of buying a domain name from another place. You can check out the service provider’s papers or documentations for better assistance while making your transfer.

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