Web Hosting Glossary – Common Terms and Definitions


If as an individual you are thinking to get a web hosting service to kick start your online business, then better be familiar with the various web hosting terms. It is very necessary! It is an established and technology driven industry. Occasionally you will need to gulp certain highly technical terms. In the meantime, check out the following web hosting terminologies. Keep this handy glossary with you and make yourself look smart and keep the web hosts honest:

Dedicated hosting: This is a hosting account, where a mere single webmaster would take charge of the entire server, and undertake full control of all resources allocated to that particular account.

VPS Hosting: Virtual Private Server refers to a partitioned server yet they are functionally equivalent to a dedicated physical server. It is not as expensive as a dedicated server but offers a lot more in term of flexibility and functionality when compared to a shared plan.

Linux Server: A server powered by Linux is a free and an open source OS popular with majority of shared and free web hosting companies.

Windows Server: In contrast to Linux server, this is a server powered by Windows OS. Such plan costs a bit more but it is necessary if your websites makes use of certain windows features.

Add on Domain: Any additional website that can be amalgamated into your account, thus distributing whatever resources allocated to your plan.

Bandwidth: It deciphers how much data is transferred within your account. Data transfer takes place whenever visitors come to your site or some interactions are involved i.e. uploading a file, email correspondence or file download.

Dedicated IP: This refers to an IP address that is permanently allotted to your website. It is a unique Internet address devoted exclusively to a single hosting account. In fact, this is the pre-requisite to obtain SSL so that you can accept payment via the website.

FTP: File Transfer Protocol refer to some prescribed standards of uploading and downloading files. There have been some major inventions in this area. FTP has the ability to assign accounts so others can transfer files.

SSH: Secure Shell, yet another method to transfer file. It is a UNIX-based command interface and protocol for securely getting access to a remote computer.

IMAP: Internet Message Access Protocol describes an email retrieval method. A copy of the original email is left permanently inside the server until it is deleted at the server. This arrangement is preferred for people who own multiple computers and email clients for tracking any email wherever they want.

This glossary is by no means whole and it wasn’t envisioned to be either. There are hundred terminologies and keywords when it comes to web hosting, it comprises of the most important and common ones that you might come across when trying to choose a web host for your blog or website.

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