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What is a dedicated server? Easiest explanation!

What is a dedicated server? Easiest explanation!

When we buy a laptop or a mobile phone, we check the configuration.

  • How much RAM does the laptop have?
  • What is the storage space?
  • Which processor does it take?
  • Can we afford Intel i7?
  • Or, should we go for an i5?

But this configuration is only suitable for your personal computing needs.

Assume that you have an e-commerce website. You want to store the transaction data of all the visitors to your website. If on average, 5 to 10 people are visiting your website daily, you can store that on your PC.

But, what if lacs of customers visit your site daily? Would you be able to save their data on your PC?

Of course not!

This is why we use servers.

It is the space that we rent on the internet to store our data. It is like renting a giant CPU!

A server is something that processes your tasks.

It is a machine located in a data centre somewhere on earth. It helps you with storage, computation, and any other tasks that you have.

That means –

If you want to run the high-processing application such as Oracle Database, Tally, etc.

You can rent that processing power too!

There are two ways through which you can rent this server.

Shared Servers v/s Dedicated Servers

Let’s consider an example.

You are booking a car ride to go to your aunt’s place.

You have two options:

FIRST: You will either book a shared ride or what we call a carpool.

SECOND: You will book a personal cab.

If you choose carpool –

You will NOT have a say in the decisions about the usage of resources, such as

  • AC temperature,
  • whether you play songs, etc.

It will be the driver’s decision. The car will be his, and he will give ride to 4 different – unrelated passengers, in his car.

In the second case –

So, YOU decide

  • The temperature OF the AC
  • Whether TO play songs,
  • WHICH songs to play. [The driver will help you set up the Bluetooth and speaker, etc.]


You can either have a SHARED server or a DEDICATED server.

In the case of a shared server-

Imagine that the server is sliced into many thin slices of equal volume. Well, nobody is actually slicing the server. Only imagine.

If you need a server of 20GB, a 20GB slice will be assigned to you.

If your friend requires a storage space of 60GB, a slice of 60GB or slices totalling 60 GB, will be assigned to him.

In the case of the dedicated server, you get the complete server.

There is one more thing to this…

Whether a carpool or a personal cab, the maintenance of the car is the responsibility of the owner. You don’t go on checking the condition of tyres, engine, etc. That is the driver’s deal.

He/She has to make sure that you and your luggage – both are safe in the car.

You enjoy what the ride has to offer you.

Similarly, in our case,

Hardware maintenance is the deal of the hosting provider.

You have to configure it the way you want.

It’s a dedicated ride! So, you get to decide what the AC temperature should be in the car.

This takes us to our next point of Data Safety.

Depending on your concerns for safety, you book the car – sedan, an SUV, minivan, etc.

Similarly, here, you decide how much safety you want to provide to your data.

Based on that, you can pay for the backup plans, disaster recovery plans, etc.

Like our normal computer system, the dedicated server configuration contains:

  • Hardware in the bottom layer such as RAM, processor, etc.
  • On top of that, there is the Operating System.
With a shared server, you can face limitations with storage. You will be charged as soon as the storage gets exceeded. It is a multi-tenant environment.

Let’s put it all together:

Here are the things you should know about the Dedicated server:

  1. You reserve the entire server for yourself. There is no limit on storage space. You reserve the entire usable space in the server.
  2. The dedicated server provider manages the physical maintenance of the server.
  3. You can use the dedicated server the way you want.
    • You can use it for computing, you can use it for storage.
    • You can virtualise it and use multiple operating systems on the same server.
    • You can host multiple websites of your company on the same server.
    • You can partition the server and use it for different jobs such as
      1. One partition is assigned to the accounting department,
      2. Another partition is assigned to the IT department.
  4. In case of dedicated hosting, that entire server is given to a single website or multiple websites from the same company.

So, When and where can you use a QualiSpace dedicated server in the most optimal way?

  1. If you have intensive computing needs
  2. If you have large sensitive data to store
  3. If you want your server configured in a certain way.
  4. If you want to run Big Data applications
  5. If cloud security is your super-primary concern
  6. If you want to run applications that are difficult to virtualize or carry compute-intensive workloads such as Oracle, SAP, Grid Compute
  7. 3-tier applications
  8. SaaS applications
  9. Mission-critical applications
  10. Application and database servers
  11. Media transcoding software
  12. Render farm: 3D animations and CAD software
  13. For all the requirements associated with video conferencing and video streaming
  14. When the workloads are predictable, dedicated servers are best. Example, the visitor count is highest during happy hours or Black Friday sales, etc.
  15. Load balancing across multiple dedicated servers
  16. Predictability of bandwidth usage.

What does QualiSpace provide you with?

  1. The dedicated server will be collocated at tier 4 and tier 5 data centres located in Mumbai and the USA.
  2. QualiSpace promises a 99.9% uptime SLA. That means you will almost never lose access to your server. Your websites will almost never be down.
  3. Technical support. QualISpace is staffed round the clock with techies. They will be more than happy to help you and resolve your queries.
  4. Highly flexible control panel
  5. You get to choose which OS you want. Whether you want Windows or Linux.
  6. Free setup
  7. Reliable Enterprise-grade hardware
  8. Easy payment plan
  9. 24/7 customer support
  10. To handle all issues that may arise
  11. Increase the speed of your website
  12. Customer experience & satisfaction
  13. Boost your revenue with our managed SSD Dedicated Server
  14. With the QualiSpace server, you will get full root/admin access to the system.

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