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What makes cloud the ‘New Normal’?

What makes cloud the ‘New Normal’?

So, AWS (Amazon Web Service) executive had cleverly predicted Cloud to be the New Normal in the corporate market. With large scale of businesses relocating to the Cloud Suites nowadays, we very well see that it does stand true to the statement and why not? We are at the age of evolution where every minute, every second, things keep changing and Technology is no different. Cloud computing was born as the blessed baby glorified to bring out the next-gen innovation in the IT industry and has now rightfully evolved as the biggest boon in the stream of Technology.

So, what exactly is Cloud Computing? In simple words: It’s the technology that allows on-demand delivery of all your computing services (Storage, Servers, Database, Networking Software, Analytics and more) on the Internet instead of your in-house local servers, with pay-as-you-go pricing model.

Many people are already optimizing the perks of cloud unaware of what Cloud computing is. You send emails, edit and share important documents online, play music, store pictures and file. All these activities are processed through the Cloud in the backend. Cloud empowers businesses to access their data online and move faster at reduced cost with expert technology resource management. Companies relying on external Cloud providers only pay for the resources they need. This means you don’t need to break a bank for migrating to a Cloud infrastructure.

In the initial days of cloud computing, only the big companies with high budgets and hefty server requirements opted for the cloud services but today it is the technology essential for businesses of all size, be it an SME or a large enterprise. Everyone is moving towards the Cloud. And that’s not all, Cloud computing is the most cost-efficient platform with on-demand scalability to grow business. Talk about storage, speed, performance or reliability, Cloud Computing is bang on to suffice all your IT needs!

More and more businesses across the globe are now deploying their applications on the cloud with the vision to make their business more dynamic and stay abreast with technology innovation creating the most influential infrastructure of the digital age. With cloud life is easy and that’s what makes it an integral part of a business transformation.
Gone are the days when businesses saw Cloud as a new fad in the market. Today, Cloud is indeed the new normal among both the private as well as the public markets. Not just businesses but also the Government is seen to be smitten by this new giant that is taking the IT industry by storm.

But Hey! Hold your horses a bit! Like all the things have their share of limitations cloud computing does have some cons. Read the blog: Cloud Computing – You Have Two Sides To The Same Coin to get detailed insight into the pros and cons of Cloud computing.

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So, what are you waiting for? Move your business to the Cloud today!